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Last updated: January 10, 2019 • Real Estate, Real Estate History

New Year, New Sales Goals

Increase Your Real Estate Agent Marketing Efforts

Looking to increase sales in 2016? We’ve outlined factors to consider for increased sales revenue this new year.

When creating a marketing plan for 2016, it’s important to evaluate your marketing efforts from 2015. What was successful? What are areas that you can improve on? What percentage of your marketing is online versus offline?

There’s a number of ways to increase your online marketing presence in 2016 without breaking budget. Sign up for social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Houzz, and post to your page daily. Blog content is a great way to generate leads from social media to your website. Your blog content should be interesting and relevant to your audience, and reflect your real estate expertise.

Evaluate Your Sales Pitch

A stellar pitch is crucial during your first interaction with a potential client. Evaluate your initial conversation. What percentage of your initial meeting is spent talking, and what percentage is spent listening? Make sure that your client has had a chance to fully explain what type of house they are looking to buy, or their goals, and ask questions along the way to encourage them to communicate fully. Set realistic expectations and goals, and offer your expertise. The goal is for a potential client to seek you not only as a salesperson, but as a counselor in the real estate process.

Increase Your Closing Sales Ratio
How many of your prospective clients or initial home showings turn into sales? You may have stellar marketing and initial sales pitch, but fall short final stretch of the sale. Instead of focusing on trying to close the sale, focus on helping your potential customers. By being the client’s support in the potentially largest purchase or sale of their life, they will see you less as a salesperson and more as their trusted advisor.


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