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Saint Augustine: the Oldest City in the U.S.

Over 400 years ago, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés landed on the North Eastern coast of modern day Florida, and founded a colony, naming it San Augustine. Unbeknownst to him, this would become the oldest continuously inhabited city in the continental United States, immortalising his name and that of his colony in history forever. 

Today, the city of St. Augustine Florida bears little resemblance to the humble colony that it was when it was founded all those years ago. Attractive, modern buildings line the well paved streets, and an air of modernity pervades every inch of the city. But the reminders of the city’s storied past are what the city is best known for, from buildings older than the U.S. constitution to museums preserving historical artifacts that outdate the nation itself. 

With its location in Northern Florida, the city is a prime candidate for homebuyers seeking to move to the Sunshine State. The temperate weather, lively real estate market and long list of things to see and do all draw those who would seek to make their home in northern Florida. So what does this city look like today, and why should you consider making St. Augustine your home? Read on to find out! 

Real estate market in Saint Augustine FL

Over head view of Saint Augustine neighborhood

On a more practical note, Saint Augustine Florida is home to a booming real estate market that makes buying a home not only a good decision but a good financial decision as well! Home values are rising steadily, and even undeveloped properties fetch a high price on the market. Property consistently sells at or above market value, and listings simply fly off the market. 

As far as average home prices are concerned, the median home price in St. Augustine FL is a modest $289,000, with the price per square foot at $150. This is well above average when compared to other large cities in north Florida, but still fairly accessible to lower income home buyers. For investors, this also means that the barrier for entry is somewhat lower than in other places in the state. 

For renters, things are a bit less rosy; with a median monthly rent price of $1,795 per month, those with lower incomes will likely shy away from this renters market. The good news is that, while the median rent price is somewhat steep, lower priced rents are available, if you’re willing to make compromises when it comes to space and locational attractiveness. In spite of this, St. Augustine is among the more expensive cities to live in

On the flip side, these high rent costs mean that the city is primed for real estate investors who want to expand into the apartment or condominium rental market. Despite the high monthly rent costs, demand for apartments and condominiums is exceptionally high in Saint Augustine FL, and savvy investors should take note. 
If you want to get in on this market, your first step should be contacting the top local real estate agents in St. Augustine Florida. These experienced realtors know the market better than anyone else and are committed to making sure that home buyers and investors get the most value from their purchase. There’s no better way to go about buying a property in Saint Augustine, Florida!

St. Augustine FL job market

Letters of the words jobs hanging over human silhouettes

Our next subject of focus is the job market in St. Augustine, Florida. Job seekers will be happy to hear that it is highly accessible, with a great deal of demand for both skilled and unskilled workers. Salaries are not the best in the state, but those with career experience or specialized training should have little trouble finding higher paying jobs. 

For those without a university degree or vocational training, the largest job supplier in the area is the tourism industry. Hardworking and well motivated workers are in high demand in the hospitality industry, restaurant business and other sectors of the market. While starting wages may be a slightly below the state average, there’s a great deal of upward mobility and potential for higher salaries in many of these positions. 

If you have experience and certifications in your field of work, you should have little trouble finding high paying work in Saint Augustine Florida. Those in medicine, law, business and other specialized professions are always highly sought after, and with time should have no trouble achieving a very attractive salary with excellent benefits. 

St. Augustine for families 

Happy mother and father holding two little girls

For homebuyers with families, the city of St. Augustine FL is something of a mixed bag, to use the old colloquialism. There are distinct advantages such as excellent education infrastructure, but serious issues in other areas such as public safety. We’ll take a closer look at some of these factors, but overall it remains up to your discretion whether or not you make this city your new family home. 

Let’s take a look at education first. In this area, Saint Augustine positively shines. Schools in St. Augustine consistently rank among the best in the state in almost every category, with small class sizes, excellent standardized test scores, exceptional college acceptance rates and impressive diversity scores. 

Then of course you have the extensive educational opportunities presented by the proximity to historical landmarks in Saint Augustine. Considering its rich history as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States, it’s no surprise that learning opportunities are everywhere. It’s the perfect way to spark an interest in history in your child! 

On the other hand, public safety in St. Augustine is, to put it delicately, not the best in the state. While it’s worth mentioning that taking proactive safety measures can greatly reduce your risk of becoming the victim of a violent or property crime, there’s only so much you can do on your own. 

Crime rates in Saint Augustine Florida

Handcuffs and key on top of fingerprints sheet

While the previous topics we’ve discussed paint Saint Augustine in an overall positive light, one issue of concern is the area’s crime rates. Crime in north Florida is one of the most consistently recurring issues, especially in large cities, and St. Augustine FL is no exception. The city regularly reports above-average violent and property crime rates, which may give pause to those seeking to make the city their home. 

So just how bad is it? Let’s first look at property crime rates. With an occurrence rate of just over 43 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, the property crime rate in St. Augustine is nearly double the state median of 24 incidents per 1,000 residents per year. While your risk of becoming the victim of a property crime can be minimized by taking the proper precautions, this crime rate should still be taken into consideration when moving here. 

Violent crime is also an issue, albeit not to quite as great an extent as property crime. The reported violent crime rate in St. Augustine is 6.6 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, as compared to the national average of 4 incidents per 1,000 residents per year. In comparison to other large Florida cities such as Miami, Tallahassee and Orlando, this is fairly low, but you should still take it into account when deciding whether or not to make this city your home. 


All things considered, it’s safe to say that the city of St. Augustine Florida is, overall, a highly attractive city, as a place to visit, live or invest. With great job availability, a vibrant real estate market, excellent schools and plenty of things to do in your free time, it’s safe to say that this is one of the foremost choices when it comes to making your home in northeast Florida. 

If you want to take a decisive step in the direction of purchasing a home in this city, you’ll want to get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Saint Augustine Florida. These experienced, professional real estate agents will do everything they can to get you in a home that suits your needs, at the lowest price possible. Before you know it you might just be calling St. Augustine home! 

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