Is St. Augustine Florida A Good Place To Live?

Answer for "Is St. Augustine Florida a good place to live?"

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When you’re moving to a new city, there are a lot of things you’ll no doubt want to know before you commit to making the new city your home. You’ll no doubt be curious about St. Augustine’s crime rates, and the question of whether or not the city is safe. You'll probably want to know what is the cost of living in Saint Augustine Florida, and how easy it is to find a job. There’s a good chance you will also be curious about the job market, and just how difficult is it to find employment. 

When you’ve found the answers to all of these questions, you’ll have a clearer view of what life in this new and unfamiliar place is like, and how exactly you’ll fit in. If you’re planning on making the city of St. Augustine FL your home, you’re probably wondering: “is this a good place to live?” Let’s find out! 

Living in St. Augustine Florida 

The short answer to this question is, simply, yes! While there are certainly notable drawbacks to living in Saint Augustine FL, the city is overall a great place to live, with plenty of positives that far outweigh the negatives. 

For starters, the city is home to a thriving job market, with plenty of positions just waiting to be filled. The real estate market is also thriving, with steadily increasing property values and rock solid investment stability. Those with families will also be happy to know that schools are among the best in the state! 

If you want to make this charming city your home, the best way to do that is by contacting a real estate agent in St. Augustine. By making contact with one of these knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals, you’ll secure for yourself an easy and headache-free home buying experience. 

Now, the city isn’t without its downsides; there are drawbacks, much like any other city. The median wage is somewhat low, and high crime rates are a recurring issue. While these drawbacks may reasonably cause you to think twice about moving, the overall consensus on St. Augustine is yes; it is, in fact, a great place to live.


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