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Saint Augustine (San Agustín in Spanish) is not your average mid-sized American town. Though it might sound cliche at first, hear us out! The establishment of this charming community dates back to 1565, making it the very first European constantly inhabited settlement in the US. Visiting and living in St. Augustine is like hopping on a fascinating historical rollercoaster. You can catch a glimpse from the inception of this country to the present modern days! For this purpose, the best local real estate agents in St. Augustine, Florida, recommend (not only) history buffs visit the incredible St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum and the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum! Such a long-established and time-honored place certainly has some ghosts in its attic. St. Augustin is also renowned for being a haunted town with quite numerous sightings of apparitions. No wonder the city has become a trendy spot for 21st-century ghostbusters. Are you afraid of no ghosts? Then try visiting the St. Augustine Lighthouse alone at midnight! St. Augustine is one of the most attractive cities in the United States! As experienced local realtors in St. Augustine FL can attest, this city has a warm, friendly atmosphere that welcomes newcomers with open arms. Top local real estate agents in St. Augustine FL, won’t hesitate to tell you about the rapidly growing local economy. As a result, numerous salient business opportunities have emerged that are available for those with the means to capitalize on them. Local realtors in Saint Augustine FL, also love to talk about the job market in St. Augustine. How come, you might wonder. Well, in a word, it’s booming! Job opportunities are plentiful in this city due to the growing demand for workers in the tourism and hospitality industries. Those with vocational training or university degrees won’t have trouble finding work here either!
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Do you consider making the city of St. Augustine, Florida, your home? We don’t blame you; it’s a great place to live! Ask professional local real estate agents in St. Augustine FL, and they’ll all say the same thing. Besides, top-tier local realtors in St. Augustine FL will inform you that you can buy homes in this charming city at affordable prices! Suppose you wish to explore your chances of purchasing a townhouse, condo, or multi- or single-family unit on a budget. Or perhaps a three-bedroom luxury house stirs your interest more with a breathtaking ocean view. In that case, you must contact licensed local real estate agents in Saint Augustine FL. Best in business, local realtors in St. Augustine FL are up-to-date with the latest property listings and know their way around the local real estate market. Working with them, you can buy or rent a low-cost home in St. Augustine! Besides purchasing or investing in a St. Augustine property, you can choose a rental in St. Augustine. 

Undeniably, the housing market in St. Augustine provides homebuyers with excellent and affordable options. However, it doesn’t mistreat property sellers, either. Suppose you wish to sell your home in St. Augustine with the least hassle but for the highest revenue. Then, reach out to expert local real estate agents in Saint Augustine FL today! They are the pros who can organize every aspect of the sale and close fast and the most effectively! 

Let’s explore the thriving real estate market in Saint Augustine, Florida!

You might believe that real estate in this fantastic city is overpriced. However, the housing market in St. Augustine features low-cost homes. Skillful local real estate agents in St. Augustine FL reported that the median home sale price was about $425,000 as of October 2022. This amount equals almost a four percent rise since the last year. Home prices peaked in June 2022, reaching an average of $480,000. Since summer, properties have become more affordable. Local realtors in Saint Augustine FL predict that the median real estate sale price will remain relatively unchanged. 

Compared to the Florida average, homes in St. Augustine are about 35 percent pricier. Simultaneously, they equal the national median. However, long-term rentals in St. Augustine are more affordable by about eight percent than the state average. You’ll find a one-bedroom downtown apartment for an average of $1,400; outside the city center, it costs $1,200.

The real estate market in St. Augustine is moderately competitive. If you’re a home seller, you can expect to sell in 55 days, on average. Also, properties typically sell below the list price by about three percent. For more details, please get in touch with customer-friendly local real estate agents in St. Augustine FL!

Discover the bright side of the local economy in St. Augustine, Florida!

As you imagine, tourism is the primary industry source of income for many in St. Augustine. The 12.85 square miles city located on Florida’s extreme northern Atlantic coast genuinely benefits from its spectacular surroundings, mind-blowing beaches, and unique historical roots. However, we shouldn’t forget that our charming town is part of the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area. This aspect gave birth to many economic advantages. As a result, the modern era heralded the appearance of giant corporations, such as BellSouth,  the banking sector, and other financial institutions. 

It’s no wonder the local economy in St. Augustine is prospering with so much potential. Right off the bat, the unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, significantly lower than the national average of six percent. But wait till you hear what job market analysts predict for the next ten years! Future job growth in St. Augustine could reach up to 50 percent instead of the 33.5 percent national average. The truth is that local salaries slightly underperform compared to Regular Joe’s. Yet, let us remind you that the income tax rate is non-existent. Besides, the cost of living in St. Augustine is higher than the American and Florida medians by about five percent.  

Contact knowledgeable local realtors in St. Augustine FL to learn about the additional perks of relocating to this beautiful city!

What are the perks and disadvantages of living in St. Augustine, Florida?

Locals rated the experience of living in St. Augustine with an outstanding 74 percent on the livability index. They highlighted the prevailing sense of community, family-friendly attitude, and good public schools as St. Augustine’s primary advantages. We recommend R. B. Hunt Elementary School and St. Augustine High School as highly acclaimed learning institutions. The low crime rate is also a trump card. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll find plenty of special recreational activities and events. One of our favorites is the Nights of Lights celebration starting in November. Witness how locals light up downtown in bright white lights! That’s a spectacle to behold! St. Augustine offers a first-class dining and nightlife experience to anyone keen on exploring the local cuisine and entertainment. One of the best venues is undeniably The Amp, a beautiful amphitheater. 

On the downside, St. Augustine experiences a relatively higher-than-your-average poverty rate. The average income is lower than the American average. Additionally, traffic jams can become a nuisance, especially in peak tourist season. And lastly, the summer heat can reach the extremities. 

Moving to St. Augustine, Florida, will bring you nothing but satisfaction!

St. Augustine welcomes everyone looking to visit or move to the oldest town in the US (population of 14,600 in 2022.) The local economy and job market are thriving, providing countless opportunities for job hunters and investors. Then, the housing market features genuinely reasonable prices. In doubt, all you have to do is give skilled local real estate agents in St. Augustine FL a call. 

All in all, the city of St. Augustine, Florida, is simply a great place to buy a home. Suppose you’re moving forward with purchasing or selling a home here. In that case, the best way to make that happen is by getting in touch with one of the top-ranked local real estate agents in Saint Augustine FL! Give the best local realtors in Saint Augustine FL a call at your earliest convenience!

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