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The city of Frisco, TX

Dallas hits up the middle with a 28.5-mile pass north for a touchdown and you’ll find the hometown of the Dallas Cowboys, the jewel of the Lone Star State and the economic development of the south. Frisco, TX is where all of that can be found as the city made a name for itself and attracts residents who want to relocate to a city that feels like a suburb with family-life but offers as many opportunities as Dallas. 

The city of Frisco, TX, if you haven’t already been there, is a major sports hub combined with the suburban feel and a corporate presence that made a lot of people pack their bags, grab their children and move here. Whatever you knew about Frisco, TX changed in the last few decades as it completely transformed itself.

Being in Texas you can still see cowboy hats and boots, but wait till you have an encounter with the vibrancy of the progressive and modern city with an abundance of places to eat and a vibrant nightlife. It won’t take too long for it to happen and you’ll stop to think if you’re really in the right place. Rest assured! While we have no more tumbleweeds (for those with an appetite for Western movies) or gun duels (the crime rate is really low here), Clint Eastwood isn’t facing villains anymore because the dust cleared up and the bad guys can’t hide anymore so they left.

Let’s cover the basics first:

  • Population – from sleepy farm town of 6,000 people to around 190,000 in three decades;
  • Average income – $76,996
  • Average household income – $153,062
  • Average house price – $450,000
  • Racial demographics 
    • White: 67.24%
    • Asian: 18.83%
    • Black or African American: 7.87%
    • Two or more races: 3.59%
    • Other race: 1.95%
    • Native American: 0.48%
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.04%

So how did we get from tumbleweeds to sports and the modern corporate city we know today?

A bit of history

old steam train

The town was established by the Railway company in a place where they could collect rainwater running off the Preston Ridge in a man-made lake and use it to provide water for the railway’s steam engines. This led to near-by farming settlements moving in this area because of the possibility of development even at the beginning of the 1900’. It grew slowly from a retail and shipping point for farmers to having a number of cotton gins and grain elevators. Afterwards, gas and electric companies moved in the vicinity in order to provide services to the towns in the area, including Frisco, TX.

It was a slow climb at first but by 1930, it reached a population of 618, then 1,184 in 1960. From 1970s till 1980s there was the first spurt of Frisco’s population from 1,845 to 3,499. Aside from the growth of Dallas and Plano, the other reason for the increase was the production of dairy products, small grains, and cotton. The city of Frisco, TX gradually became a suburb of Dallas while still being a retail point for farmers.

From the 1990s the big population growth hit. The area was originally made out of open farming lands and pastures, and there was room to grow and that’s exactly what it did. From 6,141 residents the Frisco population had spread into Denton County and in 2000 the population had increased to 33,714. Now, it’s at about 190,000 with an average of 37 people moving in Frisco per day in 2019. 

Now that our curiosity for the unbelievable growth has been satisfied we can move on to other things.

Are there still homes for sale in Frisco, TX?

frisco texas home building

With new developments every day, even if currently about 73% of Frisco has been developed, there are still plans to further development. Here we can look at what the municipality is doing and at their plans. The most interesting thing about this expansion is that Frisco, TX still manages to maintain its small-town feel. The elected officials work closely together implementing that small-town teamwork way of thinking. Through the planned developments, they managed to transform this small town into a center of national and regional attractions while remaining a great place to live. Some of these are recent like The Star, The National Videogame Museum, The National Soccer Hall of Fame and the Dr. Pepper Arena.

All these attractions are organized in a compact area which gives it a big-town atmosphere in a smaller city. But aside from attractions, the city also focuses on master-planned communities and multi-family complexes because the demand is high and they want to be able to meet the Frisco’s population demand.

If you’re looking to relocate with your family and safety is something you’re worried about, worry no longer. Frisco, TX is the second safest city in Texas and it’s on the 14th place overall in the United States. If you want to look into the best neighborhood for your family and children to grow up in, you can find safety, quality education and family-fun here.

When you’re looking at homes for sale in Frisco, TX, you will find a lot of gated communities and a few multi-family developments, condos or townhomes, but if you really want something else than a single-family home then get in touch with our top realtors in Frisco TX and they will be able to assist you towards your dream.


The old. This is one of the first elite neighborhoods in Frisco located just 9 minutes away from Stonebriar Centre. The homes for sale here were built since the late ‘90s and it is one of the safest places to live in Frisco. A gated community with cameras and security 24/7 surrounded by tall fences that, unsurprisingly, has a very low crime rate. Prices range from $700,000 to around $3,000,000.

Neighboring schools that children who live here get assigned to are Spears Elementary School, Hunt Middle School, and Frisco High School.

The location gives it easy access to entertainment and restaurants in Frisco.

The Grove

The new. A community created for modern life located 11 minutes away from Stonebriar Centre with a focus on family life and community with picnic tables and tree-lined streets. These homes started being built in 2016 and they are still being built. A wide variety of designs with prices from $400,000 to $1,000,000 with home model designs ranging from 2,200 to 5,500 square feet. Among its amenities you can find an Orchard house, swimming pool, parks and trails for the whole family.

Neighboring schools that children who live here get assigned to are Isbell Elementary School, McSpedden Elementary School, Lawler Middle School, and Liberty High School.

The location gives it easy access to major employers, schools, shopping, and entertainment.

The Frisco Independent School District is one of the best and fastest-growing in the nation with students from Texas and outside of the state coming here every day. The success of the District is a student-opportunities model that created a small, personalized learning environment in order to ensure the reach of the student’s full potential. Here there are 42 elementary schools, 17 middle schools, 10 high schools, and 3 special program schools.

The rankings of the public schools in this District speak for themselves. Coming at #7 as both Places with the Best Public Schools in Texas and Suburbs with the Best Public School in Texas and at # 8 as Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Texas, the #1 Best Suburb to Buy a House in Dallas-Fort Worth Area is a place where both you and your children will have a great life.

There are plenty of places to eat in Frisco, TX

chef in restaurant arrangin

It doesn’t matter if you like Mexican, Asian, American, French or Greek because you have it all here out of the 3,406 places to eat in Frisco, TX we’re sure there is something here for your liking. From Burgers to Sushi we have everything and all you have to do is go out and experience it. We put a lot of passion into our culinary arts and with the influx of population, we couldn’t just stick to steak and tacos.

Hutchins BBQ

So, well start with an American favorite. Some say that this location is one of the best places to eat in Frisco. It is, however, a reason in itself to move to Frisco and it should be the first stop when you get here. The only thing they don’t have here is vegetarian dishes, but all the glory of American Barbeque is waiting here, ripe for the taking.

Kenny’s Burger Joint

Sticking to American for a bit longer. Massive burgers with a side of great fries. There’s nothing like getting your fingers greasy from a great burger after a day’s work. Great drinks to enjoy with family after an amazing burger.

Sake Toro Sushi

Now we’re moving to Asian, a personal favorite. A high-end place with low dim lighting, perfect for date night. The portions are big enough that two people can enjoy them. Fresh rolls and amazing dumplings with great background music that adds to the atmosphere.

Does the weather in Frisco, TX work for you?

The weather in Frisco, TX is warm and the climate is temperate but make sure you have an umbrella available because it rains often here and it can be rather foggy through-out the year. The average annual temperature is 64.1 degrees F with 38.5 inches of precipitation. The driest month is January with 1.9 inches of rain and the wettest in May with 5.6 inches.

If you’re not a fan of extremely hot summers or very cold winters then you will find yourself at home here. The warmest month is July with an average of 83.8 however the coldest is January with an average of 42.4.

North Texas has some extreme weather and the area of Frisco, TX is at risk of tornados, lightning, hail, and flooding as thunderstorms can strike at any moment. There are outdoor warning sirens that are activated if the situation requires them to and safety regulations are implemented.

While still being a suburb, you will never feel like you don’t have anything to do here. The city of Frisco, TX is alive with a multitude of things to do like watching sports, concerts, karting, and golf as well. If your family is more active then there are also hiking areas, parks, horseback riding or swimming and you don’t even need to leave the city. It’s also close to Dallas and to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. 

Go enjoy your family life here and let us know what you think. Did you like the city? Would you move there? Leave us a comment if there is anything more you wish to know. Share and like to your friends and see what they think.


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