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A previously simple little farming city, 28.2 miles north of Dallas, Frisco, TX is no longer simple, particularly little or much about farming anymore. In the last three decades, the city experienced a growth of 210% in its population and investments that, because they were done in a smart way, secured it quite a reputation.


With a population getting closer and closer to 190,000 people and a medium-income that makes more and more people move here every day. Frisco, TX is the best suburb to buy a house in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area because it feels like a suburb. However, there are so many things to do in Frisco that you may think you’re in a much larger metropolis.

The most important area where it doesn’t feel like a large metropolis is with its crime rates. Frisco, Tx is the second safest place in Texas to live but when we look at the rest of the country, Frisco is in the 14th place. 

Because of its tight sense of community and small-town feel, security is in the hands of the population, not only the police force. Here, you are part of the community and knowing everyone who lives near-by is a very common thing. With this comes the responsibility and awareness and accountability. 

In regards to violent crimes, murder, rape, robbery or assault, Frisco, TX has an occurrence of 79% lower than Texas and 77% lower than the rest of the nation. The same trend is followed by property crime. Compared to the rest of Texas, Frisco has 42% fewer property crimes and 38% fewer than the average property crime rate in America. 

Those are some statistics just so you know how much safer the residents and offices in Frisco, TX are when it is compared. In fact, Frisco is 71% safer than other cities in the United States. So, the city that continued to grow and expand, managed to keep the safety of a small town and the friendliness of the south. So go ahead, start looking for a house with one of the top realtors in Frisco TX because the booming economy makes for an income that would benefit your family life and a cost of living that will allow you to enjoy everything the city has to offer. 

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