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Last updated: January 18, 2022 • Home Improvement

The Modern Family: How to Successfully Combine Two Households

The age of the nuclear family is slowly dissipating, and people everywhere rewrite the definition of family. Often, families are mixed, and a few steps exist, making navigating the relative waters challenging. The last thing you should worry about is grappling with the accessories and furniture in your home.

Maybe you have no idea where to start. For starters, his sports memorabilia doesn’t match her casual country living vibe. Furthermore, he has no idea how to incorporate her minimalist approach with his collection of car art, or vice versa. What makes a home special and unique to each couple and family is vastly different and usually doesn’t match the needs and visual desires of the next couple.

Accept everyone’s interior design styles

interior design luxury living room

Get excited! Use this melding of personal property as an opportunity to celebrate the individual likes and dislikes each of you shares. Besides, rather than feel discouraged, remember you are about to create a one-of-a-kind blend of possessions as a tribute to your new union. That’s pretty awesome if you think about it!

Storage rooms in a small and large context

Consider first if your home has everything it needs to operate on a functional level. Do you each have nightstands, for example? Do the kids? Do you need storage furniture? Are there missing pieces to your living room set? These are the needs to fill first. If your family room seems sparse, decide upon a furniture store and do a little research before you go. Do they sell the styles you like that you can both agree on? 

Nowadays, it can be easier to mix and match trendy interior designs than it was before. An old steamer trunk doubles as a coffee table and pairs nicely with a refurbished sideboard. Virtually shop together before you get in the car and loosely define what you would like to accomplish, so there are no surprises or any reasons to bicker once you step foot in the store.

Save space with decluttering

stack old clothes

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that much stuff gets piled up in a household over the years. Families tend to keep everything, useful things & entirely unnecessary garbage until there is virtually no more storage capacity left in a house. Now, we don’t wish to convince the hoarders to throw everything away. After all, you never know which item can come in handy in the future. There must be a higher purpose for a toothless saw too …

Still, we recommend the six-month clutter rule or the KonMari art of decluttering in some cases. The ‘harsh’ rule implies you get rid of every item you haven’t been using in the last six months. Once you have decluttered, you can put your unused space to good use! Getting rid of unused and purposeless stuff can help you liberate some precious space and declutter your mind as well. 

And which season can be more appropriate for decluttering than spring? Start the new year fresh with spring cleaning tips!

Consider an eventual future relocation

Speaking from experience, we definitely advise you on room organization and space-saving! Let’s take an extreme scenario. Under certain circumstances, you might find yourself in the necessity of selling your house. Now, being able to move out quickly like the Flash is a house sale requirement 101

Be prepared to store your amenities and gadgets in a backyard garage or a wardrobe left empty for emergencies if you live in a downtown apartment. You need to have a strategic center to pick up your things and leave your old condo behind for a better tomorrow!

Households with all-round functions

Seriously, we don’t want to persuade anyone to turn into hermits at their residence. However, a pandemic broke loose in 2020. The unwelcome guest, Covid-19, affected us in many ways. Due to the restrictions and what the general lockdown imposed on us, our home transformed into a fortress with many little headquarters. The living room turned into a home office equipped with must-haves in the mornings up to the point when our kids took it over to become a child-friendly entertainment center. 

Let’s break new ground here! Look into how you can transform (parts of) your household into a multipurpose room for all modern conveniences. The outcome will go beyond your wildest fantasies!

Recreational rooms

modern bathroom jacuzzi

We all need our small dosage of relaxation after a long day’s work. Staying home doesn’t imply giving up on staying fit! So, why not establish one within the boundaries of your own house? Recharge your batteries in your innovative recreation center! A small training room with sports amenities, dip stands, workout stands, stationary bicycles whilst listening to your favorite Spotify music. Lift some weights to get those muscles working! 

Your bathroom should serve more than showering! Upgrade it with scented candles, an indoor jacuzzi to get those bubbles rolling! Proper massage therapy with romantic music will smoothen every marital problem. Don’t you believe us? Go on, and have a try! All these qualify as exotic beauty treatments you can do at home.

Kids, the apple of our eyes will convince you that theme parks and entertainment centers are a must-have in every house. Don’t fear the costs because there are creative ideas tailored to a smaller budgeted household too. You have to envision a traditional playground with slides, inflatable bounce castles, an art center, and many more. Obviously, you can accomplish a recreational center in your backyard easier for sure! Naturally, we can’t forget about pet owners. For them, there are dog-friendly yard decorating ideas too!

A small art studio?

Why wouldn’t you transform certain rooms into outlets serving artsy manifestations? Even if it’s not present yet, the artistic drive may emerge in your household anytime. Not only children can use it, though they ought to be the primary focus group, but your spouse too. Art can relieve stress in the healthiest way possible! We suggest you locate a safe space for creative endeavors in your home, having prospects in mind! 

Let the chi flow better in your home!

stylish boho interior living room

Inventive decors go a long way in improving the way you feel and have the power. They indeed heal psychological problems. Why wouldn’t you brighten up your home with showy houseplants? Are you out of ideas? Choose roses, carnations, and lilies peppered with eucalyptus to create dazzling greenery right inside your house! Suppose you add peonies and ranunculus to the mix. Then, you will end up with flowers in every imaginable shade of white, pink, and blush. Feng shui never reached such impressive heights!

New pieces of furniture, paintings, and drawings hang against the wall require well-planned space management. Mutual room planning will bring everyone together and will elevate your living room decor!

Sharing bed and board

family close hands

Your result should reflect both of your tastes, and one preference should not dominate the other. It’s more important that both people are comfortable, that the logistics have been addressed, and that the home feels comfortable and livable to all family members. 

It’s OK to hold on to items that might symbolize special meaning in your life or remind you of a particular person. Still, these pieces should also not overtake the house. Ask yourself if the details you have an attachment to fit into the new house design, and be honest! Stay true to the mission, ensuring you are both instrumental in creating a place that all family members are thrilled to call home.

The most fundamental secret of happily living together is to assign mutual interests to as many places in your household as possible. Coexistence can become complicated; no surprise there! Nonetheless, if you design a specific (or even more) spot in your house so that it ultimately satisfies everyone’s needs and dreams, it would bring together the family by all means! Logically, the whole family can and will enjoy a recreation center with all its pleasantries. We are talking about quality time spent together!

Concluding notes on a joyous cohabitation

The physical arrangement of household items influences a couple’s psychology. We must honor each others’ spatial boundaries and let your better half breathe within these. By not throwing away old clothes, appliances, toys, and gadgets, we express our respect towards the other. It should stem from a mutual consensus to get rid of used items in order to give way to fresh ones, and with them, to new memories. After all, a modern family, as opposed to a patriarchal nuclear family, should be built on mutual understanding. 

How did you manage to combine your household with your spouse’s? Did you encounter any seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Please share your opinion on this matter in the comment section! Your feedback counts a lot to us!

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