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Last updated: May 24, 2021 • Home Improvement

The Modern Family: How to Successfully Combine Two Households

The age of the nuclear family is slowly dissipating and people everywhere are rewriting the definition of family. A lot of the time, families are mixed, and a few steps exist, which can make navigating the relative waters somewhat challenging. The last thing you should worry about is grappling over the accessories and furniture in your home.

Maybe you have no idea where to start, his sports memorabilia doesn’t match with her casual country living vibe; he has no idea how to incorporate her minimalist approach with his collection of car art, or vice versa. What makes a home special and unique to each couple and family is vastly different and usually doesn’t match the needs and visual desires of the next couple.

So where to begin ?

Get excited! Use this melding of personal property as an opportunity to celebrate the individual likes and dislikes each of you share, and rather than feel discouraged, remember you are about to create a one-of-a-kind blend of possessions as tribute to your new union. That’s pretty awesome if you think about it!

The elementals

Consider first, if your home has everything it needs to operate on a functional level. Do you each have nightstands, for example. Do the kids? Do you need storage furniture? Are there missing pieces to your living room set? These are the needs to fill first. If your family room seems sparse, decide upon a furniture store and do a little research before you go. Do they sell the styles you like, that you can both agree on? Nowadays, it can be easier to mix and match designs than it was before. An old steamer trunk doubles as a coffee table and pairs nicely with a refurbished sideboard. Virtually shop together before you get in the car and loosely define what you would like to accomplish so there are no surprises, or any reasons to bicker once you step foot in the store.

Your end result should reflect both of your tastes, and one preference should not dominate the other. It’s more important that both people are comfortable, that the logistic have been addressed and that the home feels comfortable and livable to all members of the family. It’s fine to hold on to items which might symbolize special meaning in your life, or remind you of a particular person, but these pieces should also not overtake the house. Ask yourself if the pieces you have an attachment to can fit into the new house design and be honest! Stay true to the mission, which is ensuring you are both instrumental in creating a place that all members of the family are overjoyed to call home.

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