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Last updated: May 21, 2021 • Marketing Tips

The Best Social Media Tools for Realtors

Being that important and imposing to people from all walks of life, of course, real estate agents have to own social media as a place for the advancement of their business. With that in mind, knowing that, as an expert in the real estate field, you are expected to remain up-to-date on the functionality of all the tools at your disposal, but – most importantly – knowing that a sound social media marketing strategy and presence can build engagement and attract new clients, our team at decided to pen something like a social media for real estate agents class. An article where we would analyze what is the best social media marketing strategy for real estate agents and the many ways you can stand out and bring in leads!

But first, for the ones who don’t know yet, we feel we need to address what is social media marketing as a whole, right?

What is social media marketing

social media graphic illustration

Social media marketing is all measures made by a person or a brand to put their name out there on the social network platforms, advertising its services and products and connecting itself to possible consumers and clients. Because the social media game is one of relevance, sometimes those brands aren’t even directly talking about their products and services, but they are providing content that is relevant to their target audience.

Want to see an example? This right here. This post.

The OFFICIAL Real Estate Agent Directory ® is a company with the main mission of connecting home buyers and home sellers with the best local real estate agents. However, aside from our stellar consumer service, to stand out, we also provide fun and informative content related to real estate so that both homeowners and agents can manage to improve themselves and get to know the latest real estate trends. If you check our social media profiles, however different the approach between them, one key theme is being discussed and promoted: real estate.

Alright. Now let’s transfer that to agents. When thinking of a social media marketing strategy for real estate agents, the path is very similar to what we do in the sense that “real estate” is your main subject. However, your mission is simpler: you need to position yourself as *the* agent in real estate. You want to show yourself as a knowledgeable, experienced and accessible professional that will be the best choice for the ones following you. This is your social media marketing goal, and, to do that, you will have to make yourself noticed in some of the top social media networks presenting great content to corroborate all the ideals you need to be attached to your image.

Let’s talk about agents in some of the most prominent social networks

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

facebook and emojis on white

First, you need to go where your clients are and Facebook is used by everyone, so it’s obvious you should create a profile there. Did you know the majority of people with a Facebook account earn an estimated $69,000 annually, and they spend $15,500 per year on discretionary items? This is an excellent place to reach a prospect!

In fact, Facebook has grown so much it has become a difficult place to get noticed in. With everyone speaking; who’s listening, right? So you have to be smart there and avoid posting if you’re not confident you have great material. But anyways, Facebook stands out for agents when you take a look at the “group” feature. It allows you to take part in same-interest groups where you can actively or reactively (by answering questions and participating) show your skills and knowledge, and, hopefully, attract new followers and clients. And it even allows you to create your own group if you feel it’s a good social media marketing idea. That feature is specially useful when you work in a real estate niche that is too specific. Take a look at our real estate niches you are not aware of article to learn if your niche is one of these up and coming niches that could benefit from a facebook group.

Linkedin for Real Estate Agents

professional social media linkedin

Well, you are a professional agent, right? So you have to make yourself present in the professional social media. Linkedin is sort of a workplace social media. A place where you setup your professional resume with all your previous experience and the main topic of all interactions is the field of work you work in. Linkedin for Real Estate Agents can be a place for leads, yes, but also to get in contact with other people within the real estate industry.

Our advice is for you to get the pen out and write about your work every now and then; not to chronicle your everyday professional life. Think of this as a digital office place which you visit from time to time. You need to look sharp, tell good insightful stories that shows how informed you are. Take some time to make a neat profile, comment on other people’s content, endorse their skills; be active!

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Instagram for Real Estate Agents

real estate agent with Instagram app on smartphone

Instagram has been increasingly becoming an awesome social media for real estate agents. Here’s why: it’s a visual platform and we buy real estate with our eyes and heart, right? An agent can directly show to his followers, great pictures and details that might be a bit of overkill in a listing. You know; there’s no need to post in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) a super detailed picture of a novelty item inside the house, but it might make a good Instagram picture.

Additionally, Instagram has an amazing feature with the “stories”, in which you can make 16 seconds videos that get deleted after 24 hours. With those, agents can sort of chronicle their days, showing how busy they are, how they deal with several properties on a daily basis, thus creating a busy experienced persona for you. If you do it in an entertaining way, you’ll get lots of followers and, hopefully, clients. Another important thing about Instagram is that, different from Facebook, the use of hashtags as an aggregator or searching device is a widespread praxis, so – if used correctly – you will reach your targeted audience faster. Learn how to use Instagram and implement it in your social media marketing strategy ASAP!

Pinterest for Real Estate Agents

Pinterest app for real estate agents

Speaking of visuals, Pinterest is a great visual social media for real estate agents. It won’t be as straightforward as the other networks when it comes to translating the followers to clients because the way you send messages within the platform is not as intuitive as the direct messages and inbox of Instagram, twitter, and facebook. However, with consistency, you will become a credible real estate authority through well-curated Pinterest boards and pins.

Curatorship is the keyword here. Pinterest calls for well-produced pictures (even if not taken by you) to show an overall vibe that followers will read as “this agent knows his stuff; I love his taste” and will translate to the following thought of  “I need to call him because he has the right eye for what I like”. So it’s actually a very fun platform to work with.

Twitter for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agent with Twitter logo in hand

The thing with twitter is its brevity. By all means, have your presence there – it’s a giant and relevant platform – however, if you are not a huge name yet, with a lot of people craving for what you have to say, maybe do not focus there yet. It’s very difficult to be relevant on Twitter when everyone’s goal there is to stay informed of the latest news – and the life of a real estate agent will hardly stand up against the many incredible plot-twisting news our crazy world produces every single minute, wouldn’t you agree?

So, the best social media marketing strategy for Twitter is to make a profile and maybe point out to stuff you’re doing on the other platforms. But the curatorship can also serve you well here, by Re-tweeting important related content – like the ones from @REAdirectory *wink wink*

Now, before we go, let’s take a look at what’s universal when you’re thinking social media for real estate agents.

Overall Social Media for real estate agents tips

Stay in your lane: You’re an agent. Talk about real estate. Watch out for traps like political content; it might scare off possible clients.

Interconnect: not only between all your platforms – whatever you produce should, most of the time, be replicated on every one of your profiles (but with a different text on each, ok?) – you should also try to connect with other real estate players with social presence so you can cross-promote each other’s services.

Market your profile: take your online presence to the real world. How about getting QR Codes for Real Estate Signs connecting whoever scans them to your social media profiles?

Lure them in: Try running a simple contest or sweepstakes to treat your followers and attract new ones. Once your contest is underway, keep it easy for people to nab the prize. No one wants to spend all day trying to solve a brainbuster, and you lose a lot of momentum that way.

Be there: Don’t take too long to reply whenever someone sends a message. This is fundamental! Social media is a representation of real life; the message you send when you take too long to answer is that you won’t be there for them if things get serious. Don’t be the unavailable real estate agent type that clients dread!

Ask questions: Try to put your social media posts in the form of a question. Like “ What’s the best thing about this living room?” when posting a picture from a living room you’re selling. Why? Because it’s all about making your followers take part and interact. Once you do that, they feel closer to you and the chances of turning them into clients become bigger. So, indulge them. Ask what they think of something you did, instead of saying “look how cool what I did”.  Notice how the former forces an action that can turn into a next step and the latter just turns into a like? Plus, it will give you insight into your audience, making you a better agent.

As you can see, social media marketing is vital nowadays but it’s not rocket science. If you put yourself out there and invest some time in it, great results will come. Stay informed, reach out to other people – we’re here whenever you need; just say the word – and seize the space as part of your endeavor of meeting and assisting people!


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