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Last updated: March 28, 2018 • Real Estate Marketing

The Best Social Media Tools for Real Estate Agents

Social media is here, whether you want it to be, or not. As an expert in the real estate field, you are expected to remain up-to-date on the functionality of all the tools at your disposal. You are expected to create pages, build engagement and attract new clients with this 21st-century marketing.

Where in the world do you even begin?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, do your clients frequent these sites?

Answer that question, and you’ve just given yourself a great start to creating your custom social media marketing plan.

First, you need to go where your clients are, and that means understanding them. Facebook is used by everyone, so it’s obvious you should create a profile there, but did you know the majority of people with a Facebook account earn an estimated $69,000 annually, and they spend $15,500 per year on discretionary items? This is an excellent place to reach a prospect!

Start by bragging about the neighborhood of your listing on your new Facebook page. Show a panoramic view in a video or series of pictures, then combine that with a few snappy captions and you’ve created a visual client magnet. Post about happenings in the neighborhood: a local park getting a makeover, recently repaved streets, a neighborhood watch night. People want to know care and attention is paid to the place where they plan to live.

Congratulate new home owners on Facebook and Twitter and show people you’re proud to have been a part of making such a milestone dream happening. People love good news and they will start to imagine becoming a part of your announcements.

Try running a simple contest or sweepstakes on Facebook, but familiarize yourself with Facebook’s rules before you launch. Facebook cannot be associated with your contest in any way and you need to issue that fact in a disclaimer. Once your contest is underway, keep it easy for people to nab the prize. No one wants to spend all day trying to solve a brain buster, and you lose a lot of momentum that way. Keep it lively and fun and make sure you reply to comments and contestants on your page in a reasonable period of time. You can also solicit opinions from people about your listings. Which house do they love the most, and why? Are they digging the curb appeal? This is a great opportunity to learn how the public truly feels about the properties you’re representing.

Just as you use Facebook, you can also tweet pictures of home stagings, open houses and price reductions. Think about pairing up with a staging company, or construction firm to gain cross traffic.


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