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Last updated: August 11, 2022 • Marketing Tips

The Best Social Media Tools for Real Estate Agents

Realtors undoubtedly fulfill a relevant part in everyday people’s life. They should be on top of their game regarding available housing options, local and national market trends, and all-encompassing neighborhood aspects in which they sell homes. Ideally, they can also assume the role of community leaders, knowing the ins and outs of the business and tapping into topical neighborhood issues. But how should they start targeting potential customers, though?

Top social media for real estate agents, here we come! Let’s explore the most cutting-edge social media tools for real estate agents together! Today’s article will revolve around innovative online marketing strategies customized for modern-day real estate agents’ needs.

Table of contents:

Being absent from social media is not an option for you!

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We won’t pretend to sell you something revolutionary here. Real estate agents must own social media as a place for the advancement of their business. With that in mind, you are expected to remain up-to-date with the functionality of social media tools for real estate agents at your disposal as an expert in the housing business. 

You shouldn’t only inform yourself about online marketing strategies but know their lessons by heart. Let them sink deep into your consciousness! A persuasive online marketing strategy entails sound social media marketing and presence jazzed up by advertising campaigns. The ensemble of these factors will build your followers’ engagement and attract new clients!

For this purpose, our team at @RealEstateAgent decided to pen handy how-to tutorials similar to a coaching session dedicated to social media for real estate agents. We will analyze the best social media marketing strategy for real estate agents. Discover how you can stand out and bring in more leads!

What to post on social media for real estate agents?

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Don’t believe listings are the only types of content you can post on social. That’s only the tip of the iceberg! Getting down to outlining the top priorities of your real estate social media marketing can be difficult at first. So is describing your business benchmarks and fundamental manifesto. The texts will lay the foundations of your unique social media marketing for realtors and online presence in general. 

Introduce yourself and your skills in your agent’s bio!

We recommend you start by writing a real estate bio as the ultimate and foolproof display of your expert know-how. You can write a detailed biography even when you don’t have experience in the field. In this case, you should present your education, limited professional experience, and a relevant passage on the neighborhood in which you grew up. In the long run, this last tidbit should work out for you just fine if you intend to work in the same area.

Know your neighborhood!

Social media marketing for real estate agents is at its most efficient spin when agents know their neighborhoods like an open book. Clients appreciate home buys! In addition, your real estate bio should reflect your unquestionable dedication and limitless zeal to satisfy all customers’ housing needs and requirements. This is how you can build a relationship with your clients based on trust and win their confidence at first sight. And, if you were wondering, this is how you can construct a bright future for yourself as a real estate agent

Link your blog entries to your social media profiles!

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Starting an online journal has nothing but advantages. Besides a compelling life story and a list of expertise, you might wish to produce unique content. And what could be a more comprehensive way to feature informative articles than running a real estate blog

You can display your boundless proficiency on a vast range of topics for starters. What’s the point in doing so, you may ask. Featuring various social media posts from realtors will establish your blog’s target audience and bring you a brand new readership! And not any audience, but particular clusters of readers who are fascinated by well-rounded topics and covering their interests. 

Ask anyone; posting articles dedicated to the most profitable real estate niches is the best idea for social media for real estate agents. That is if you plan to score more precious leads with premium content! Without a shred of doubt, Google will get your blog’s ranking up in their SERP. Linking your professional blog articles to your various social media profiles will be the most effective practice you’ll ever meet.

Let us help you create and post content on your real estate agent’s social media!

journalist working on his blog

Creating customized content for real estate niches obviously doesn’t come effortlessly. Social media posts for realtors targeting green home seekers, housing recommendations for empty nesters, or readers fascinated with commercial properties take time and thorough research. 

Frequently published posts will keep you ahead of your competition. The unwritten laws of social media for real estate agents presuppose publishing articles on the latest modern home exterior designs. Or, they should feature budget-friendly interior design tips and DIY home improvements. And we haven’t mentioned the most in-demand articles on those necessary home improvements to raise a home’s worth.

Give us a shout, and we’ll deliver first-class and personalized content!

Many realtors simply don’t have time or the experience to write such blog posts and post them on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., as an integral part of their social media marketing for real estate agents. However, we are here to offer our assistance in writing content for you! 

Reach out to us, and we will deliver reliable, fun, and highly informative written material on any subject matter related to real estate. It’s a unique chance to boost your real estate social media marketing and raise the popularity of your social media posts for realtors.

What is social media marketing?

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Right off the bat, we feel we need to address the burning question for those who don’t know the answer yet. What is social media marketing as a whole?

Social media marketing encapsulates all measures taken by a person or a brand to put its name out there on social network platforms. Plain and simple, it covers advertising services and products digitally and online. As a result, they can connect to possible consumers and clients on the Internet. 

Because the social media game is one of relevance, implying clever branding, sometimes these companies or agents don’t even sell or talk about their products and services directly. Instead, they provide context and content relevant to their target audience

Want to see an example? This right here. This post.

The @OFFICIAL Real Estate Agent Directory is a company with the primary mission to connect home buyers and home sellers with the best local real estate agents. However, aside from our stellar consumer service, we also provide fun and informative content related to real estate to stand out from the crowd. Thus, homeowners and agents can gradually improve their knowledge base and inform about the latest real estate trends. If you check our social media profiles, you’ll find one prevalent topic: real estate. Although our approach to real estate varies on these platforms, the essence remains the same. 

Set your social media marketing objectives as a realtor!

strategy online social media

Alright. Now let’s apply that to agents. When thinking of a social media marketing strategy for real estate agents, the path is very similar to what we do because “real estate” is your primary concern. However, your mission is more straightforward; you need to position yourself as that outstanding special agent in real estate. 

You want to present yourself as a knowledgeable, experienced, and accessible professional that will be the best choice for your online followers. This is your social media marketing goal., And, you will have to get yourself noticed on some of the top social media networks to achieve that goal. Present great content to corroborate all principles your image represents! Also, refrain from making rookie mistakes on social media that could decrease your online popularity! 

Why won’t you take advantage of social media ads to get more real estate leads?

Let’s analyze the most prominent social networks and why you should create a profile on them!

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

facebook and emojis on white

Many have written Facebook off over the years. Don’t believe that Facebook is dead and buried, though! Omnicore Agency reported that Facebook still boasted approximately 190 million active users in the United States in 2022. Moreover, “the social media king” encompasses more than half of all online social interactions, according to Statista statistics. Thirdly, around 79 percent of US Facebook users are between 30 and 49 years old. In other words, the most influential age demographics are those who are likely searching to buy or sell a home as we speak.

You need to go where your clients are, and everyone uses Facebook. So, it’s obvious you should create a profile there. Did you know that most people with a Facebook account earn an estimated $69,000 annually, spending $15,500 per year on discretionary items? This is an excellent place to reach a prospect and get them on the buying path!

In fact, Facebook has grown so much it has become a difficult place to get noticed. With everyone speaking, who’s listening, right? So you have to be smart there and refrain from posting unless you’re confident you have great material in your hands.

Enjoy what Facebook can do for your real estate business!

Facebook stands out for agents when considering the “Group” feature. It allows you to participate in same-interest groups where you can actively or reactively (by answering questions and participating) prove your worth, skills, and knowledge. Thus, you can attract new followers and clients.
And it even enables you to create your own group if you feel it’s an excellent social media marketing idea. That feature is handy when you work in a particular real estate niche. Take, for example, real estate niches you are unaware of! Learn if your niche is one of these up-and-coming focus groups that could benefit from a dedicated Facebook group.

Linkedin for Real Estate Agents

professional social media linkedin

Well, you are a professional agent, right? So you have to make yourself present in the professional social media. Linkedin is sort of a workplace social media. A place where you setup your professional resume with all your previous experience and the main topic of all interactions is the field of work you work in. Linkedin for Real Estate Agents can be a place for leads, yes, but also to get in contact with other people within the real estate industry.

Our advice is for you to get the pen out and write about your work every now and then; not to chronicle your everyday professional life. Think of this as a digital office place which you visit from time to time. You need to look sharp, tell good insightful stories that shows how informed you are. Take some time to make a neat profile, comment on other people’s content, endorse their skills; be active!

Instagram for Real Estate Agents

real estate agent with Instagram app on smartphone

Instagram has evolved into a fantastic social media for real estate agents. Here’s why. It’s a visual platform providing shiny pics of available properties. And there are many impulsive buyers out there, purchasing real estate with their eyes and hearts, right? 

There’s no need to regularly post a super detailed picture of a novelty item in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). However, the same image might look great on Instagram! An agent can directly show their followers great pictures and details that might be a bit of an overkill in a traditional listing.

Get groovy with Insta perks!

Additionally, Instagram has an incredible feature called “Stories.” You can make 16 seconds videos that get deleted after 24 hours. With those, agents can chronicle their days, showing how busy they are and how they deal with several properties daily. Thus Stories videos will sell you as an active and experienced agent. You’ll get lots of followers and, hopefully, clients if you do it entertainingly. 
Another relevant thing about Instagram is that, unlike Facebook, hashtags as an aggregator or searching device is a common practice. If used correctly, you will reach your targeted audience faster. Learn how to use Instagram and implement it in your social media marketing strategy ASAP!

Pinterest for Real Estate Agents

Pinterest app for real estate agents

Speaking of visuals, Pinterest is a great visual social media for real estate agents. It won’t be as straightforward as the other networks when it comes to translating the followers to clients because the way you send messages within the platform is not as intuitive as the direct messages and inbox of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, with consistency, you will become a credible real estate authority through well-curated Pinterest boards and pins.

Curatorship is the keyword here. Pinterest calls for well-produced pictures (even if not taken by you) to show an overall vibe that followers will read as “this agent knows his stuff; I love his taste” and will translate to the following thought of  “I need to call him because he has the right eye for what I like”. So it’s actually a very fun platform to work with.

Twitter for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agent with Twitter logo in hand

The thing with Twitter is its brevity. By all means, have your presence there – it’s a giant and relevant platform – however, if you are not a huge name yet, with a lot of people craving for what you have to say, maybe do not focus there yet. It’s very difficult to be relevant on Twitter when everyone’s goal here is to stay informed of the latest news – and the life of a real estate agent will hardly stand up against the many incredible plot-twisting news our crazy world produces every single minute, wouldn’t you agree?

So, the best social media marketing strategy for Twitter is to make a profile and maybe point out to stuff you’re doing on the other platforms. But the curatorship can also serve you well here, by Re-tweeting important related content – like the ones from @REAdirectory *wink wink*

Use YouTube as a vital social media for real estate agents! 

thailand july youtube app

Over the years, YouTube has turned into one of the most powerful social media platforms for real estate agents. It provides the ideal online space to post and share your “home” videos. In addition, viewers are invited to comment, thus creating connections between parties involved in real estate transactions. 

Did you know that in 2021 YouTube became the trendiest social media site in the US, according to Pew Research? Therefore, YouTube offers the most liked and used social media tools for real estate agents!

Create your YouTube channel and post mind-blowing videos!

So what’s stopping you from creating your own superb YouTube channel? Build today an endless stream of clients! Create just one professional video weekly, and that piece will do the cold calling and door-knocking for you. Yet, no time limit will obstruct you from reaching an even wider audience here. 

For your videos to reach their full potential, you should record the material using cutting-edge technology. Once the footage on the property you represent is shot and edited, you must optimize it. How to do that? Upload your video from your HDD to your channel so that it already contains keywords, such as house-for-sale. Also, you can include your location. Provide a short description enriched with real estate keywords and a full hyperlink to a related page of yours, such as your realtor profile or other social media profile. There, your visitors can find the property’s detailed description. Don’t forget to add tags to your video, either! Did you know that you can market your home via live streaming

Youtube might be an even more valuable social media and marketing tool for real estate agents because it considers views only if a user actually watched 30 seconds instead of Facebook or Instagram. These two regard views of even one second, thus giving you a false estimate of people interested in your services or properties. Watching your realtor’s bravado, users can build a personal connection, or intimacy if you will, long before they actually meet you.

How did TikTok become a relevant social media tool for real estate agents?

tik tok app on mobile phone app

The COVID-19 pandemic brought in a new player, a brand new social media outlet for real estate agents. Potential buyers started to look for houses for sale or rent on TikTok. Therefore, some inventive realtors reached an unlikely target audience who were on TikTok just “hanging out.” 

Ratings prove huge potential in viral videos and virtual house tours. They genuinely predict future interactive cyber terms. This app became such a hit that it enabled many housing agents to restructure their marketing budgets.

Explore TikTok’s impressive advantages! 

The answer to TikTok’s efficiency lies in the platform’s straightforward interface. It enables viewers to picture themselves exploring new properties from outside and inside. Besides, you can connect your Instagram and YouTube profiles to your professional TikTok account. From this perspective, the app is tremendously advantageous for personal branding because it allows you to drive traffic to your various online profiles. 

One of TikTok’s essential perks is that few agents have discovered it yet. Benefit from the list of trending hashtags to check which keywords users search for the most. Also, shooting and posting a video don’t require either a substantial budget or outstanding skills on your behalf. In short, you can be yourself without constraints.
Let’s address one of the significant concerns and “disadvantages” experienced realtors bring up about TikTok. Gen Z does not qualify as the classic “spending power” demographic yet. Indeed, a prominently younger generation uses the app. But one day, and sooner than you’d expect, they will need affordable housing options as well. Why wouldn’t you establish yourself as their skilled housing guru and target them today?

Overall Social Media for real estate agents tips

Now, let’s look at what’s universal when considering social media for real estate agents.

Stay in your lane! You’re an agent. Then, limit your message to real estate! Watch out for traps like political content; it might scare off possible clients.

Interconnect all your platforms and link your social media posts for realtors with one another! Whatever you produce should consistently be replicated on every one of your profiles. Watch out for duplicate content (don’t copy-paste from external sources), and use different text on each profile. In addition, you should also try to connect with other real estate players with a social presence so you can cross-promote each other’s services.

Market your profile: take your online presence to the real world. How about getting QR Codes for Real Estate Signs connecting whoever scans them to your social media profiles?

Lure them in: Try running a simple contest or sweepstakes to treat your followers and attract new ones. Once your competition is underway, keep it easy for people to nab the prize. No one wants to spend all day solving a brainbuster, and you lose a lot of momentum that way.

Be there: This isn’t a budding relationship or modern-day courtship when you play hard to get! This game revolves around quick and efficient response time! Don’t take too long to reply whenever someone sends you a message! Suppose you fail or ignore to respond in time. In that case, you send clear signs that you won’t be there for them if things get serious. Don’t be the unavailable real estate agent type that clients dread! Social media is a representation of real life.

Ask questions: Try to put your social media posts in the form of a question. For instance, what’s the best thing about this living room? Then, post a picture from a living room you’re selling. Why should you? Because it’s all about making your followers take part and interact. Once you do that, they feel closer to you, and the chances of turning them into clients become bigger. 

So, indulge them. Ask what your readers think of something you did instead of saying, “look how cool it is what I’ve just done.” The first question will prompt users to share their opinion. In contrast, the second, which sounds more like a genuine cry for approval, will leave them indifferent. Plus, this method will offer you insight into your audience’s mindset, turning you into a better agent.

Final thoughts

Brand awareness, new leads, and customers are at arm’s length. However, you’ll have to work hard on your content. Everything starts with exceptional written and video material that provides prospects with the information they are looking for. Compile your real estate agent bio, write blogs, and create compelling property listings. We recommend using the REA directory listing for its many perks!

First, ensure that your professional agent website and profile are flawless. Once you’re done, social media tools for real estate agents come into the picture. You can use all social media for realtors we mentioned earlier. Yet, keep in mind the given platform’s pros and cons. Go ahead, and create your own YouTube channel and FB, Twitter, etc., profiles! The more social media news and articles you post, the larger your audience will grow. However, don’t forget to link each of these posts to your actual agent profile! 

Once your know-how in social media marketing for realtors deepens, we advise you to consider generating premium content! Posting unique content accessible for a fee will further enhance your reputation and bring more traffic to your website. 

As you can see, real estate social media marketing is vital nowadays but it’s not rocket science. If you put yourself out there and invest some time in it, great results will come. Stay informed, reach out to other people – we’re here whenever you need us; just say the word – and seize the space as part of your endeavor of meeting and assisting people!

What have been your impressions about social media for real estate agents? Are they beneficial for your work? Leave your feedback, questions, and comments in the section below! 

Did you find this article helpful? Then, please share it on your social media! And as always, come back for more revealing posts on social media tips for realtors! 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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