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Last updated: April 13, 2018 • Home Improvement, Home Inspection

Warning Signs of Roof Disrepair

A home is only as strong as it’s roof, and if the home buyer is looking at seems to need a roof re-do, the likelihood that the asking price will be offered drops significantly. From outdated appearances to downright dangerous damage, a roof is typically inspected by a professional home inspector prior to any insurance policies being written for the new owner. Imagine what a disaster it can be to discover a major roof issue in need of some home improvement after a home buyer has purchased their dream home! There are some simple ways to tell if a home should be fitted with a new roof prior to listing it on the market. While the expense of replacing the roof may be burdensome, the benefits will be seen when offers come in much higher than expected!

Some simple ways to tell is a roof needs replacing without hiring a professional include:

Look to History: Whether or not it is known when the last time a home’s roof was serviced, consider that any roof older than 20 years is typically in need of replacement. Experts recommend ensuring that any previously layered shingles or other roofing material be removed to make sure proper ventilation and insulation are established.

Shingle Shakeup: A simple visual inspection can help determine if shingles on the roof need replacing, and in some cases replacement of the entire roof is necessary when cracking and disintegration become apparent, or when some of the shingles are no longer attached to the roof. This can be especially difficult to access in the area known as  “roof valleys” due to their consistent abuse by debris and water. Another sign of shingle degeneration is the presence of shingle granules mixed in with gutter debris. This tends to happen as a roof is nearing the end of it’s lifespan.

Chimney Sweep: If the home has a chimney, be sure to take a look at the flashing to determine it’s condition. Chances are, if the home is older, it will need to be adapted with a metal, water-tight flashing system.

Get High: Climb into the attic of the home and inspect the inside of the roof as best as possible without endangering anyone’s safety. If sunlight is visible through any of the rafters, the roof needs to be replaced. If the threat of animal infestation or water damage aren’t enough to get an homeowner into the attic, call a professional and have this kind of inspection performed before listing the property on the market.

So be your own home inspector, find out  if there’s the need for home improvement and be sure to call in the big guns if any of the signs of roof disrepair are present before trying to sell a property.


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