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Last updated: May 24, 2021 • Home Improvement

Warning Signs of Roof Disrepair

Blessed be thy roof!

It keeps us from getting wet when it rains, it provides us protection from insects and bird’s excrement, and insulates our home from noise and light coming from outside.

That is… if you don’t have an old leaking roof in need of repair.

A home is only as strong as its roof, so if a home buyer looks at a roof that suffered hail damage and needs repair, it’s a given that the fair market value of the house will drop. Not only an actual leaking roof; even if it’s perfectly functioning but looks old or outdated, chances are that you will not get what you want. We do know that affordable roofing is somewhat of an unreal concept, but hey: the fact of the matter is that you can’t escape from it; a good real estate agent will ask for a house inspection and a leaking roof detection or hail damage to the roof will set out alarms for the home buyer who will lose excitement for the home. Even if you lower your asking price to make it interesting to the home buyer, he/she will have to waste time on fixing it all; not to mention that the more roof damage there is, the more you will pay for roof insurance, and there goes affordable roofing for you…

With that in mind, our team at decided to list some of the warning signs of roof disrepair so you can prevent problems from becoming too big and act on them while they are still somewhere close to the affordable roofing realm. Below are measures to prevent hail damage; if the roof damage is too big, already, we first hope you had roof insurance before, and, second, we hope you can at least have some temporary roof repair, and, then, get professionals for a complete re-do.

Here are some warning signs of roof disrepair

Roof is too old: If your roof is older than your longest living pet – except if you had a turtle or a parrot, because those live for 80+ years – it will most likely need repair. Whether you know when the last time your roof was serviced or not, consider that any roof older than 20 years is typically in need of replacement. Just think of how much rain, snow (when applicable) and hail damage it has been the victim of! Experts recommend ensuring that any previously layered shingles or other roofing material be removed to make sure proper ventilation and insulation are still enforced.

Shingles look beaten: A simple visual inspection can help determine if shingles on the roof need replacing. In some cases, replacement of the entire roof is necessary when cracking and disintegration become apparent, or when some of the shingles are no longer attached to the roof due to rain or hail damage. This can be especially difficult to access in the area known as “roof valleys” – those V-shaped intersections between two sections of the roof – due to their consistent abuse by debris and water. Another sign of shingle degeneration is the presence of shingle granules mixed in with gutter debris. This tends to happen as a roof is nearing the end of its lifespan but can happen as soon as your next big storm. So if you live in one of the worst cities for natural disasters, with a lot of tornadoes, hurricanes or just a lot of constant rain, try checking at least once every 6 months for small hail damages to your shingles. Replacing 3 or 4 sometimes is much easier and less expensive than the whole thing. Plus, like we said, aesthetics are important. Sometimes there’s no structural problems, no leaking roof, but the sun and the hail damages the shingles appearance somehow. Replacing a few might make the roof as a whole look new and raise the fair market price of the house in the process.

Chimney is not working as it once was: If your home has a chimney, be sure to take a look at it with a flashing light to determine its condition. Chances are, if the home is older, it will need to be adapted with a metal, water-tight flashing system. This one is not only important to make sure that water is not leaking, but to make sure Santa Claus can slide from it easily, right?

Sounds in the attic: Sometimes the leaking roof is not on the outside but in the “inside”. If you hear strange noises, it might be from animals like squirrels and rats and other garden pests on your lawn that found a way in and now are chewing on the roof from the inside and damaging the structure as a whole, opening a way for water and hail damage to complete the work and badly destroy your attic. So, climb into the attic of the home and inspect the inside of the roof as best as possible without endangering anyone’s safety. If sunlight is visible through any of the rafters, there’s the entryway to your leaking roof! The roof needs to be replaced ASAP.


If the threat of animal infestation or water damage caused by a leaking roof aren’t enough to get a homeowner into the attic or atop the roof – or sometimes it’s not a matter of trying affordable roofing; you just can’t do it yourself because of back pain and elder age – call a professional and have this kind of inspection performed before listing the property on the market. Don’t try to hide the problems. Believe us; this will backfire on you. Get ahead of it, actually! Selecting a home inspector to study all the hail damages to the roof and your house’s structure as a whole is a smart idea so you can see how far you are from getting the best offer you can.

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