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Last updated: May 24, 2021 • Marketing Tips

Are you a Social Media Savvy Agent?

With social media usage at an all time high, the average smartphone-wielding real estate agent can provide their followers with content that is consistent, relevant and interesting. Between sharing blogs about trending real estate topics, posting photos from an open house, and notifying your subscribers of a new listing in your portfolio, there are many ways to capture the interest of potential home-buyers in your area.

Experts agree that visualization is one of the most effective marketing tools in any industry. The postings on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that draw the most attention typically include a graphic or video to grab the attention of someone scrolling by. Stop their finger in it’s tracks by sharing a show-stopping photo-collage of your newest listing. Consider dynamic drone-captured video which can attract the interest viewers, who will likely share your post simply for the spectacular views.

Social media may be worldwide, but using local community groups and pages to connect with a target audience is another method for agents to gain followers on social media. Take advantage of novelty hashtags (such as #ThrowbackThursday) by including historic photos of your community, easily found online, to create a wave of hometown reminiscence in your social network.

Share listings, but do so in moderation, and with the utmost professionalism. A posting that doesn’t provide enough information, which includes misspelled words, incorrect details, or poor-quality photography is likely to be ignored by all who see it in their feed.Once professional quality photos of a listing are available, consider blogging about the property, for several reasons – firstly, because it will allow for more details than a simple status update, secondly because it will remain on the web as a shareable and discover-able page for as long as it exists, and lastly, because it will look much more streamlined and professional when you share the blog to your social media page as opposed to just pictures with some candid text.

Feedback and analytic information can make-or-break an agent’s social media success. Stay in touch with your followers, responding promptly to their comments, and providing interesting and relevant content to supplement your postings about properties for sale. By providing consistent and positive feedback, as well as nurturing your network with answers to inquires, you will gain attention and provoke action in your followers. When you provide content worth sharing, such as unique graphics and videos, your fan-base will grow, thus increasing the likelihood your listing is seen by its eventual home buyer. Another great way to network with potential home buyers, as well as other real estate agents, is by using, the web’s premier networking site for real estate professionals and home buyers.


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