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Despite the fact that in all catastrophe movies the end of the world begins in San Francisco, there’s no questioning that San Francisco is one of the world’s greatest towns.
Yes, we're not denying that it’s one of the worst cities for natural disasters and the housing prices are getting to ridiculous heights but, like San Francisco Real Estate Agents – and hippies (sometimes they overlap) - will say: Hey why be so negative, man? Look at the bright side: it’s number 2 on the best cities for singles list, one of the most exciting real estate markets in the country and, if it’s costly, well, people make much more money there too…
There’s so much to love about San Francisco. For once, it’s a foodie paradise there; a top 10 American gastronomy paradise. Not only because of the fresh seafood found at the world-famous Fisherman’s Wharf but because of all the healthy organic movement that was basically born in San Francisco, its food trucks, its high-end fancy restaurants, and the bay area pride; the Ghirardelli chocolate. Ok, enough about food because we’re drooling on the keyboard now.
Public transportation is one of the best in the country. You’ll have the most varied options to choose from when you go meet your San Francisco Real Estate Agent for a cup of coffee to sign the contract. Integrated public bus, train, cable cars, subways, the famous F-line heritage streetcar, and, of course, ride-sharing apps - they were basically born there. Yes, San Francisco is the place where most startups from Silicon Valley test their products, and you’ll notice how that’s true by the level of tech savvy of any San Francisco Real Estate Agent you meet. They all do their diligent social media marketing and have all the productivity apps on cue 24/7 for their work.
However, despite all that, you’ll notice how people from San Francisco choose to walk or ride bikes whenever they can. Which, combined with the organic food movement and steep roads, explains why it’s one of the most health-conscious cities in the country, especially regarding obesity and diabetes. In fact, a great selling point for San Francisco Real Estate Agents is exactly that: if you’re tired of complaining about health insurance costs, this is the only city in America where universal health coverage similar to the one available in every developed nation (but the US) exists to people who can’t afford private insurance or are ineligible to other government health insurance programs.
And what about education? Oh, my God… Want free college tuition? Move to San Francisco! We’re talking about a city where anyone, regardless of income, that’s been a resident of the city for more than a year, has free college tuition paid by the government. How about that?
Waste no time; pick your favorite San Francisco Real Estate Agent. Hey, talk to more than one San Francisco Real Estate Agent, if you feel you need to. Whatever. Just go to this great city and leave your heart there like Tony Bennett! You won’t regret!

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