Straight Deductible Clause

Definition of "Straight deductible clause"

Section of a policy that specifies the dollar amount or percentage of any loss that the insurance does not pay. Most property and medical policies specify that the first portion of any loss is absorbed by the insured. A straight deductible clause, which is common in auto and homeowners insurance, might provide for a deductible stated in a dollar amount, such as $500. For example, the Smiths have a homeowners policy with a $500 straight deductible clause. Fire damage to the home amounts to $1500. Under the terms of the policy, the Smiths would pay the first $500 and the insurance company would reimburse them for $1000. Some straight deductibles are expressed as a specific percentage of value rather than a dollar amount. For example, the insured might absorb the loss for 5% of the value of property that is totally destroyed.

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