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About Susan Edwards

Welcome to our metro Atlanta Real Estate website!  Thank You for taking the time to learn a little bit about us, how we run our Business and how You – the home buyer and seller can benefit from using our Services to represent You in your next real estate experience!

Susan Edwards is Licensed as the Owner/ Broker with Triumph Realty of Georgia.  Susan was Awarded Top 10 Individual Agents for 2009-2021 by Cobb Association of Realtors, based on Sales Volume across Metro Atlanta.  She loves where she lives and loves what she does!

Our Real Estate Statistics:

    The homes that we list stay on the market an average of less than 30 days, compared to the area average of almost 90 days.
    Our average property sells for between 95-100% of asking price.  We understand the market and how important effective pricing is for a home to sell.
    Even with the shifting real estate market, over 85% of our listings never need a price change to get an accepted offer.
    Our best priced homes in the best condition are still receiving multiple offers in record time – regardless of the shifting market.

Who we ARE and WHAT WE DO goes even further than our stats and can be broken down into 3 Main Areas:


We believe that the effective use of technology will save time and money for both us and our clients.  Technology allows our clients to work with us on THEIR terms, not ours and allows us all more time to spend doing what we love.  We are very internet savvy – offering you, our client, the most cutting edge and efficient technology tools available.

Our Buyer clients have access to the most cutting edge home-finding programs and our Seller clients know that their property will be advertised on more than 100 TOP real estate websites and search engines.

We also understand and respect that now over 90% of all home searches start on the internet and that people who start their search for a home on the internet are better educated in the home buying process and really DO know what they want.


We are Advocates for

Consumer Empowerment in Real Estate

What does this mean?

Well, we believe that the people who are looking to buy and sell real estate are a very smart group of people, in general.  We also believe that these same people need to be educated in the world of real estate, not sold.  Many real estate courses out there teach real estate professionals how to ‘overcome client objections’… What?!?

We believe that we are working FOR you – not against you and will never try to “overcome your objections.”  Instead, we do everything we can to understand your real estate needs and educate you so that you can make the best and most educated decision for your wants and needs when buying or selling a home.

We take our responsibility as Realtors very seriously and promise to ONLY represent YOUR best interests, as our client.

Customer Service

Buying a house is about YOU – the Home Buyer, Not us.

Selling a house is about YOU – the Home Seller, Not us.

We Get It!

We pride ourselves in putting our customers first.  We refuse to be lumped into the category of “other” agents who place their EGO above everything.  That is NOT us and NOT how we operate.  We respect our clients’ wants and needs and also know that these “wants and needs” are different from person to person.  We promise to stay in touch throughout the whole process.  Whether you are looking to relocate to the metro Atlanta area, buy a home or sell a home, we will keep you updated with the information that YOU need WHEN you need it.

Ultimately, we want our clients to have the BEST real estate experience possible and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Susan is a REALTOR member of the National Association of Realtors, the Georgia Association of Realtors, the Cobb Association of Realtors, a Multi-Million Dollar Club Active Phoenix Life Member and Cobb Association of Realtors Top Achiever.  She is also a member of the First Multiple Listing Service and Georgia Multiple Listing Service.  Susan has an extensive background in real estate investing as well.  You can find her on

We look forward to Serving YOU!

Susan Edwards
Triumph Realty of Georgia

Triumph Realty of Georgia

Susan Edwards


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