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Marietta Georgia's small town charm and close proximity to Atlanta attracts scores of potential home buyers each year. These people often wish to avoid looking at older homes. Many home buyers want to pay little for a newly built home located in a family friendly exclusive neighborhood. After discussing their desires with real estate agents in Marietta, Georgia, these starry eyed home buyers often realize they can’t afford what they want. A viable alternative exists in these situations. Home buyers can still live in their favorite zip code by purchasing an older home and renovating it. Purchasing an older house represents a daunting task for someone who lacks experience in home renovation. A Marietta real estate agent proves especially helpful in these circumstances. While touring potential homes, a knowledgeable real estate agent can offer valuable information about future renovations. This expert can suggest solutions to seemingly impossible problems. He or she might propose removing the wall separating the kitchen from the living room in order to create a more open layout. A real estate agent might also provide advice about converting two smaller bedrooms into one large master suite oasis. If major renovations can’t be completed immediately, a skilled real estate agent can suggest small inexpensive fixes that provide big results. A complete kitchen overhaul might not fit into the budget immediately. A real estate expert might recommend simply replacing the current backsplash, painting the cabinets, and changing the cabinet hardware in this situation. After touring an older home with a real estate expert, a home buyer might look at it with completely different eyes. If a home buyers decide to make an offer on an older home in the neighborhood of their dreams, their real estate agent can structure their offer to hinge on the results of a home inspection. If the inspection reveals acceptable results, the home buyers can move into their acquisition and start renovating it to suit their personal style.

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