Is FOREST, VA A Good Place To Raise A Family?

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Published: Jan 22, 2024

Are you and your family seeking a refreshing change of scenery? A place where nature's embrace is peppered with a sense of belonging? Then, Forest Virginia can be the ideal relocation destination to plant your roots. Find Forest (population approximately 11,000) is this exquisite census-designated place in Bedford County, part of the Lynchburg Metropolitan Statistical Area and close to the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains. 


Reach out to an expert hand in locating the best housing deals in Forest Virginia!

Once you've experienced its unparalleled charms, close-knit community vibes, and majestic landscapes, the question isn't "Is Forest a good place to raise a family?" but "When can we move there?"


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Let's discover the advantages of settling down with a family! In the meantime, you can contact me anytime to bring you up to speed with the most affordable housing options in Forest VA! I am your experienced and customer-friendly local real estate agent in Forest Virginia, and an expert in all details of this beautiful town.


How budget-friendly are homes in Forest Virginia?

On the real estate front, Forest presents a compelling case. Recently, the housing market has been as warm as the Virginia summer. It's no secret nationwide costs have soared, reaching well beyond the $400k threshold. Yet, the balance between affordability and quality living still holds strong in Forest.


The median property sale price in Forest VA was $370,000 as of December 2023, about six percent pricier than a year before. In the first quarter of 2024, Forest will solidify its reputation as a highly competitive seller's market, where the demand surpasses the housing supply. On average, homes for sale in Forest stay on the market for 25 days and receive multiple offers.


Find spacious, family-friendly properties promising room to grow!

In Forest, Virginia, you'll find spacious properties that enable privacy without sacrificing the warmth of a tight-knit community. Whether looking for a cozy cottage or a sprawling estate, local housing options will accommodate your family's needs and growth.


Families can find comfortable homes within a gamut of prices, which in the past year have generally ranged from cozy starter homes in the mid $200,000s to more spacious residences reaching the $500,000 mark.


How is the local economy in Forest Virginia, holding up to scrutiny?

Forest encapsulates all the economic perks and essence of "The Old Dominion State." The unemployment rate in Forest is lower than the US average. At the same time, the job market promises brand-new opportunities in the next decade. To top it all, the cost of living in Forest is also more affordable than the national average by about seven percent. 


No one should be surprised that Forest residents perform better than Average Joe in terms of median household income, $80,000, instead of the $70,000 US average. Living in Forest, parents will have access to a flourishing job market with top national employers, such as Score Technologies, Coleman-Adams Construction, Intercon, Mail America Communications, etc.


Community and safety are neighborly features in Forest VA.

alexandria virginia january fireworks viewSafety and a sense of community are at the top of the list for any family. Forest scores high here, with a track record of neighborly love that seems straight out of a storybook. How about the crime rates in Forest? They're reassuringly low. The violent crime rate of 11.1 percent beats the national average of 22.7 percent. Simultaneously, the property crime rate of 26.6 percent is also below the American average of 35.4 percent. 


As a result, you can let your kids play outside or ride bikes along leafy paths. Making friends the old-fashioned way, meaning face-to-face, will be as easy as ABC.


Schools in Forest build blocks for the future!

Education is paramount, and Forest pays genuine attention to academic quality. Forest boasts a selection of quality public and private schools, emphasizing student engagement and academic excellence. No wonder the best institutions, such as Forest Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, and Jefferson Forest High School, are routinely acknowledged for excellence. 


For this reason, your little ones are poised to hit the books in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Your children's future would be planted in rich educational soil.



Does Forest, Virginia, check all the boxes for a perfect family haven? It does for many seeking a blend of contemporary and traditional values. Forest can become the ideal place where your family flourishes and where, quite simply, you can breathe easily. 


Imagine stepping outside your door to greetings by name, not just a neighborly nod. Picture your weekends filled with nature tours in the morning and community events in the afternoon. Envision a place where economic stability and an excellent work-life balance are not mere daydreams but tangible realities. 


Forest can turn your life upside-down in the most positive sense of the word. Are you ready to make that call? I will be at the end of the line, ready to answer all your housing-related inquiries!


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