What's The Median Home Price In Pasadena MD?

Answer for "What's the median home price in Pasadena MD?"

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In the city of Pasadena, MD live many young families, most of them with small children. Home prices are important when it comes to moving somewhere new. Pasadena, MD has a certain small-town flair to it with people knowing each other and actively contributing together within the community. Something that you don’t find in large cities like Baltimore. Many young families with children come here specifically for that tight sense of community as it’s a good place to live and raise a family in. 

Safety is another reason why many people move to Pasadena, MD instead of the metropolitan areas around it. If you want to become a resident of this small town we highly suggest you to get in touch with one of our real estate agents in Pasadena MD. Choosing where to live in this town depends on what kind of housing or neighborhood you are interested in but let’s see more about the options.

Housing market in Pasadena, MD

With around 31,000 residents, the housing market in Pasadena, MD is mostly single-family homes with a few condominiums in the Brookfield neighborhood. When looking at the statistics, the numbers show a big discrepancy between the types of housing, and it also paints a picture of how life looks in Pasadena, MD. With around 68% of housing being detached family homes, there is little left for any other type of housing. The second most common type of housing is attached-family homes with over 24%. You can find condos in residential developments of 10 to 19 units but only around 4% of all housing is like that and around 2% are high rise condominiums having 20 to 49 units per building.

The median house value is $330,000 and you also have the option of finding waterfront homes for sale in Pasadena, MD. The median rent price is $1,850 at the moment but very few residents are interested in renting with less than 17% deciding against owning their home. However, the appreciation rates are much lower than those of the state or of the nation, averaging at 0.78% per year in the last ten years. Things seem to be looking up at the moment as during the last twelve months the home appreciation rates have reached 3.6%. This is still lower than the national average but the increase is nonetheless welcomed. 


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