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Tucson is an economical city in Arizona, with a 6 percent lower average cost of living than the national standards and 5 percent more affordable than the state average. With the median property prices around $290,000 and median rent prices around $1,1000 (based on June 2021 statistics), housing costs are also 25 percent more reasonable than the national average. All in all, Tucson is an excellent place to live!

However, if you wish to buy a property in one of the best Tucson neighborhoods, you'll need to act quickly because it just turned into a seller's market! 

The costs of living in Tucson, AZ are inexpensive

Based on recently published statistics, we can conclude that Tucson, AZ is a budget-friendly place to live. It beats the average costs of living in the State of Arizona and the national standard. If you are looking for an affordable house, or rent in Tucson, Arizona, get in touch with one of our local real estate agents in Tucson AZ

Low median home costs in Tucson

Tucson’s average value referring to the cost of living is 91.6, while the American standard is 100. The average was calculated considering housing, food and groceries, transportation, utilities, health care, and entertainment costs.

The median cost of an average home located in the city is 81, both for buying and renting, which compared to the national average of 100, is pretty admirable and tempting. The real estate market in Tucson, AZ, will also provide you with promising prospects if you intend to invest in a home in the city of Tucson. In other words, the housing market in Tucson, AZ is booming!

A cost-effective health care system in Tucson

The average healthcare costs are also impressive. The average of all costs covering appointments at the doctor’s office, regular dental check-ups is 80.4 compared to the national average of 100. In other words, visiting the doctor’s office is fairly cheaper than in most large American cities.

Furthermore, median home costs are approximately $186,000, lower than the American average, around $232,000. This sum is the middle value if we take into account the sales prices of homes from lowest to highest. 

The final factors, such as utilities and transportation costs in Tucson, AZ are slightly below the national average.

Expenditures for a family vs. a single person in Tucson

Let’s look at some exciting trivia on what expenses you might be facing if you move to Tucson, AZ:

  • A family of four members will usually have an average monthly cost of around $3,000 not calculating the rent.
  • One person will accumulate monthly charges of approximately $870 without rent.
  • New York is 36% more expensive than Tucson.
  • Rent a condo now in Tucson! An apartment in Tucson, AZ is 72 percent lower than in New York.

(Source: Numbeo)

Conclusion on a city with a lot of potential

When in the city, don’t mention a thing about the ongoing legendary rivalry between Tucson and Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, because local die-hards are very proud and sensible!

We would definitely recommend you to consider relocating to Tucson, AZ! There are countless advantages to living in “The Old Pueblo”, such as breathtaking western landscapes, plenty of cultural, artistic, and family-friendly events! Also, Tucson, AZ experiences a growing and prosperous job market that offers unique and well-paying job opportunities in various domains, from IT, financial analysis, construction industry, engineering, etc. Still, there is a minor issue when considering the changeable crime rates of Tucson.

Nonetheless, don’t forget, the listed homes on the housing market in Tucson are in high demand! 

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