Is Now The Time To Rent In NAPLES, FL?

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Published: Jun 12, 2024

Hello, future Naples residents! Are you thinking about renting in Naples on the Gulf? Look no further! I will be your experienced and savvy guide in this sunny paradise, ensuring you find the perfect home. Let me tell you why you should consider making this beautiful city your next home. 


Why does Naples, FL, make for the ultimate relocation destination?

Simply put, Naples (population: 20,100 in 2024) will sweep you off your feet! Nestled along the Sunshine State's gorgeous Gulf Coast, Naples was destined to become the next best thing in terms of trendy tourist hotspots and relocation destinations. 

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Seeing this charming community is love at first sight, especially if you're into pristine beaches, gentle waves, sugar-white sands, and clear waters. Are you hooked yet? You might believe access to this slice of paradise is way too costly. Let me tell you, you are in for a big surprise! Naples, FL, offers a range of affordable living options. You can only convince yourself by contacting me, your expert real estate agent in Naples, Florida!


What’s the scoop on the Naples real estate market?

Let me be 100 percent honest with you! If you want to buy a single-family home, condo, or luxury real estate, you must dig deep in your pockets. As of April 2024, the median home selling price was $900K, about 25 percent higher than a year before. As a result, the Naples housing market could be more competitive. 


What is the average rent in Naples, Florida?

In 2023, tenants had to face a growth in rent of about $1,000 compared to previous years. No wonder the market mildly cooled down. But that's good news for you!


Zillow reported that the median rent for all home types (and all bedrooms) was $5,700 in June 2024. At the same time, the average rent was $1,950 monthly (approximately 28 percent higher than the US average of $1,518), registering a 3.5 percent decrease since 2023. 


Rents per property type in Q2 2024! 

Studio tenants pay around $1,960 per month. If you want to rent a one-bedroom apartment, expect a monthly rent of $1,940. Then, a two-bedroom apartment is available for $2,300. Lastly, you could pay about $2,900 monthly for a family-friendly three-bedroom rental unit.


The silver lining for renters

While high rents can be a bummer, the benefits of renting in Naples undeniably outweigh these costs. Renting offers a convenient, flexible, and often extravagant living experience. Suppose you're doubtful about committing to a property purchase. In that case, renting provides a practical alternative to enjoying the best of what Naples has to offer.


And remember, you can now catch a deal!  Waterfront properties or luxury condos can go higher. At the same time, smaller apartments and homes a bit away from the beach might be more affordable.


I can assure you that plenty of fantastic (and reasonably priced!) rental units in Naples are ready to be occupied. With an expert's assistance, you can score a budget-friendly apartment or house for rent in downtown Naples or one of the most secluded yet safe neighborhoods.


Who chooses to move to Naples, FL?

naples usa decemberPeople from all walks of life are flocking to Naples. Retirees love it here for the laid-back lifestyle and super-friendly community. Young professionals are also discovering Naples. After all, the growing job market and the balanced work-life environment are major selling points. Families moving to Naples are thrilled by the safe neighborhoods and excellent schools.


Let's not forget the "digital nomads"! With its high-speed internet and inviting weather, Naples is becoming a hotspot for remote workers. Wouldn't trade your grey office for a beach view?


What type of homes can you rent in Naples, FL?

Naples offers a fantastic variety of rental homes. If you love waking up to a view of the water, beachfront condos are for you. Think spacious balconies, breathtaking sunsets, and private beach access. If you prefer more space, single-family homes are plentiful. These often come with lush gardens and pools – perfect for family BBQs and lazy Sunday afternoons.


Do you appreciate a balance between space and community amenities? Then, townhouses will be your cup of tea. Why should you consider them? Because many come with community pools, gyms, and even golf course access! If you're an urban soul, we'll find you a modern apartment right in the heart of downtown, close to all the action.



Naples, FL, is a gem. Whether you're looking for a sunny getaway or a permanent change of scenery, this stunning city has it all. Its beautiful beaches, thriving community, and excellent amenities make it a top choice for renters. 


If you're considering a move, don't wait too long. The best places go fast. So pack your bags, bring your shades, and get ready to enjoy the best of what Naples has to offer. 


Let's find you the perfect rental home in this paradise. Give me a shout, and let's make Naples your new home sweet home!


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