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At the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains is where you will find the city of Canton, Georgia. If you’re thinking of moving there it’s expected that you should wonder whether or not it’s a good place to live. You’re probably wondering how the school system is and if the city of Canton Georgia is a safe environment for your family. Relocating to a new city brings plenty of unknowns and uncertainties that will make you feel a bit nervous regarding whether this is a good decision for your family or not. 


The fact that you came here will get you one step closer to ease all those insecurities about moving to a new city. The reason for which we say that is because Canton, GA is quite a welcoming place to live. There are plenty of suburbs to choose from in the Atlanta Metropolitan area and you’re probably wondering why should you move to a farmland area that’s, basically, in the middle of nowhere? Well … we’re getting to that.

Affordability overview for Canton Georgia

In Canton, GA you’ll get a lot more house for your money. It’s as simple as that. Housing costs in this area north of Atlanta are much more affordable than anywhere inside the perimeter of I-285, but even when compared to Alpharetta, housing costs in Canton are a bargain. Just get in touch with the real estate agents in Canton GA for some numbers and probably a much bigger home than you expected. The cost of living is lower than Alpharetta’s by 12% and that coupled with some of the lowest taxes in the whole state translates to a good quality of life.

Activities available in Canton GA

You can’t come up with enough excuses to say that Canton, GA doesn’t have activities for all ages. Located literally at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, even if we overlook all the things to do within the city’s limits, the mountain trails are available to any hiker. Go ziplining, biking, fishing, tubing in the rivers nearby. To put it simply, every outdoor activity is available to you here. For more aquatic activities you can go for a 4-hour drive to Tybee Island near Savannah. The whole area is destined for highly active families who enjoy the vast outdoors of Cherokee County.


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