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Annapolis MD the Sailing Capital of the U.S.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to escape from all the noise and stress that you experience on a daily basis and just find a nice place where you can let it all go? How about spending a day at the beach, or sail away to some quiet retreat in calm inlets. Maybe you want to get fancier and attend a private party or hop on an overnight cruise. Or, how about a fishing trip, or a canoe expedition?

Pretty much anything you could think of that is related to water is possible, in a city such as Annapolis, MD. No wonder it was named the Sailing Capital of the US, and those are not the only reasons why it received this name. The history of this city is worth noting and for many reasons people consider Annapolis, MD to be one of the best places to live.

The city of Annapolis, MD feels very welcoming for tourists, especially because it has the feel of a small suburb, and people are very friendly. It has a family-friendly environment and a population of about 40,000 people. Annapolis, MD perfectly accommodates families with children as well as seniors who are looking for a retirement community. The high demand for housing is reflected in the high median home price, but if you get in touch with one of the best real estate agents in Annapolis MD you can enter the housing market as a home buyer or seller a lot easier.

Having a city, such as Annapolis, MD situated on the Chesapeake Bay which is the largest estuary in the US, is a sailor’s paradise. Let’s find out more about what makes the city of Annapolis, MD, and why it deserves its name as the Sailing Capital of the US.

Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD

usa naval academy annapolis maryland

Probably one of the most prestigious yet hardest academies to graduate from is the Naval Academy located in Annapolis, MD. Since 1845 the Naval Academy has been training officers for the Marine Corps and the US Navy. Having the opportunity to visit Annapolis, MD you will most likely run into midshipmen dressed in the uniforms, walking down the streets of downtown Annapolis, MD. You will become familiar with the chants: Go Navy, Beat Army.

Too often the extent of local knowledge about the Naval Academy ends there, but there is so much more to know about this amazing institution that trains women and men in becoming the leaders of tomorrow. There are plenty of ways to find out more about this important American institution, about its history, and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a recruit in the Naval Academy.

You could choose to go on a guided tour of the Naval Academy’s campus and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a midshipman. The most notable campus attractions are, the Naval Academy Museum, the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center, the crypt of naval hero John Paul Jones, the Naval Academy Chapel, and more.

The academy also has teams involved in major sporting events such as Navy Football, Lacrosse, and Hockey. Most of their games are held at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium or at the Brigade Sports Complex. You would be surprised to find out that midshipmen perform in theatrical performances as well as several musicals. You can visit the Naval Academy website for more details about the Naval Academy history as well as their education program.

Annapolis, MD historic district

annapolis maryland downtown usa

About fifty years ago, the city of Annapolis, MD was one of the first cities to become a National Historic Landmark District. A National Historic Landmark is a structure, object, site, or building that is recognized by the government to be of high historical significance. The reason why Annapolis received this honor is that it encompasses a majority of the colonial historic districts.

Some of the National Historic Landmarks in Annapolis, MD include, the Maryland State House, St. Anne’s Church as well as the William Paca House. Aside from being the state capital today, Annapolis, MD served as the capital of Colony/Province. Annapolis is one of the first planned cities in colonial America. The original city plan was developed by Francis Nicholson in 1695 and many of the elements that were included in it can still be observed today. Also, it is important to note that more than 100 18th century buildings still remain to this day.

Along with the neighboring capital of Williamsburg, these two towns served as a major hub of the US back in the 1700s and 1800s. Also, Annapolis is home to St. John’s College which is the third oldest school in the country, and it was originally opened as The King William’s School back in 1696. In 1784 the state of Maryland charters St. John’s College, merging it with King William’s School and four of its founders were individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Because of the seaport, a lot of visitors from all around the world came to the area and by preserving the traditional design of the city and the historic district, this led to a rapid growth in population. Therefore, many people who decide to live today in Annapolis can still enjoy the beautiful design of the historic district along with its historic colonial homes.

Things to do in Annapolis, MD

young happy tourists

If you think that a small town such as Annapolis, MD would be boring you might want to reconsider that. We could go on forever if we start talking about the history of Annapolis and all the sites, museums, and historical attractions that you can see here and that’s not all of it. Being the Sailing Capital of the World the city of Annapolis, MD is a sailor’s paradise with access to a wealth of rivers, creeks and inland bays.

Group tours for sightseeing and historical attractions are common in Annapolis, MD and you get to enjoy the unobstructed views along with beautifully colored houses. You can head on a Chesapeake Region Wine Tour and have a glass of local wine, meet the local winemakers, and tour their vineyards. If you love any type of water activity you will love Annapolis, MD since it gives tourists the opportunity to explore uncharted waters, engage in competitive fishing or just recreational fishing, and much more. Swimming, Kayaking, paddleboarding, private parties on a cruise ship, you name it, Annapolis has it.

There are plenty of things to do in Annapolis, MD and you will surely find something that suits your interest. You won’t be disappointed with what you can find in the beautiful, historic city of Annapolis, MD

Places to eat in Annapolis, MD

seafood platter

Annapolis, MD definitely deserves to be named the Sailing Capital of the US not only from a historical standpoint but also from a culinary perspective. The city is highly praised amongst locals and tourists for its culinary scene and for having some of the best restaurants in Maryland with a lot of seafood specialties.

There are so many options, in terms of restaurants that it’s hard to wrap your mind around everything that this city has to offer in terms of food. But, if you don’t know where the best spots  are you can hop on a food tour. This exciting tour combines history with food, and you get to visit sites and hear fascinating stories as well as enjoy some of the most beloved dishes in some of the best downtown restaurants.

Some of the best places to eat in Annapolis, MD are so good that even historical figures such as Wahington, Jefferson, and Franklin frequented these taverns. You will have a taste of great food along with a taste of Annapolis history.

Real estate market trends in Annapolis, MD

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With all this city has to offer it is definitely worth visiting Annapolis, MD. The amazing food scene along with the amazing architecture of the city and the beautiful waterfront makes the small town very charming and welcoming. Not only that but Annapolis is seen as one of the most family-friendly cities in Maryland, with top-notch amenities and good schools. This has made it grow fast as a city and made a desirable city to live in.

Therefore, the housing market is not easily accessible for any budget, because it is quite expensive to live here. Having the privilege to see some of the historical buildings that line the streets of Annapolis, is a privilege, but being able to live in such a place is going to be quite expensive.

Also, it is important to mention that home prices tend to go up because of high demand. The city of Annapolis, MD as we have already mentioned is economically strong and it has a lot of touristic potential. It’s also close to other important cities such as Baltimore and Washington D.C. which makes it easy to commute. It is a relatively small town where you can easily walk to any of the major city attractions and points of interest.

This makes it unlikely that the housing market is going to lose its value over time and it indicates the fact that prices are going to continue to rise. Contact one of our real estate agents in Annapolis, MD if you have any questions in regards to the housing market or if you want to get in as a home buyer or seller.


Overall the city of Annapolis is a place of history, culture, and beauty. Some of history’s most-notable people and events had something to do with Annapolis, MD and it well deserves to be the Sailing Capital of the US. The military influence over the city is vastly noticed and having so many things to do as well as good places where you can eat is something that everyone dreams to have in their own town. Annapolis has them all and you will not be disappointed by any means.

Have you had the chance to visit or live in the Sailing Capital of the US? Let us know in the comment section.


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