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The city of Annapolis, MD is located on the Atlantic Coastal Plain and it is the closest state capital to the national capital of Washington D.C. The city has a population of about 40,000 people and it is considered to be a perfect place for seniors as well as families with children. It is the capital city of Maryland so, people would expect a lot from this city since it plays such an important role in the state and it’s proximity to the state capital is also influencing the area.

The city has a unique charm to it and downtown Annapolis is known for its historic inns and scenic streets lined with some of the best places you can eat. Being close to the water, it allows residents to delight in some of their favorite water activities and you will soon find out that there are many things to do in Annapolis, MD. The city is a treasure waiting to be discovered by tourists but, is Annapolis, MD a good place to live?

What kind of climate can you find in Annapolis, MD?

The city is relatively flat and its location within the humid subtropical climate area brings hot, humid summers and cold winters along with generous precipitation. Having the advantage of being in the proximity of Chesapeake Bay, bring moderate spring and summer temperatures and winters that are less harsh without extreme lows. Most people love the climate here because it is just a short drive away from the sunny beaches in the summer and also close to skying slops in the winter.

Is it expensive to live in Annapolis, MD?

It may not be the cheapest city out there, but many argue that the high cost of living is justified by the high median household income. The most expensive aspect related to the costs of living is housing and admittedly, people without a career established or freshly graduates might have difficulties keeping up with payments. But, overall the city has a nice suburban feel to it and it is advertised as a safe place to live with a family-friendly environment.

However, contacting one of the top real estate agents in Annapolis MD is a must if you want to buy property in the area, for a good price.

How is the U.S. Navy related to Annapolis, MD?

If you come to the city of Annapolis, MD it is hard not to see the Navy’s influence in the area. Named America’s Sailing Capital, the city of Annapolis, MD is home to the prestigious US Naval Academy. The presence of such an important state institution in the city of Annapolis influences the city in a positive way. Aside from the military and collegiate traditions that come with having a world-class academic institution, home sporting events such as Navy Football are also part of the influence the academy has.

The well known maritime history of Annapolis, MD gained the cities access to a wealth of rivers, creeks, and inland bays aside from the famous Chesapeake that is waiting for you to explore them by canoe, kayak or stand up paddleboard.

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