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“Location, location, location” is this industry’s motto. But for Annapolis Real Estate Agents, this pitch can be a double edge sword.
Its proximity to the ocean is definitely a treat. Called “Sailing capital of the world”, you’ve chosen a good place if you’re remotely interested in boats. Don’t even need to be great at it. If you want to just show off, head on to “Ego Valley”, where people park their big boat and gloat. The ocean plays another part when it comes to gastronomy: Annapolis is known for the fresh seafood fishermen bring back to the shores on a daily basis. If you’ve just moved in and meet an Annapolis Real Estate Agent, chances are he/she will take you to taste one of their famous Lobster Rolls; they’re super proud of them. Plus, they’re 25 miles from Baltimore and 30 miles from Washington, DC, so it is really well located.
However, there’s the bad side to it. What Annapolis Real Estate Agents can’t deny is that the city has a serious problem of flooding. It’s actually the city with the most occurrences of Flooding in the United States, which earned Annapolis a spot on the worst cities for natural disasters list. So, rest assured all Annapolis Real Estate Agents will tell you the same, it doesn’t hurt being one more to say the same: get flood insurance if you’re moving to Annapolis! If you don’t, when the tide gets high, you will regret!
Now, let’s talk about other things that make the capital of Maryland so great. If education is important to you, especially higher education, Annapolis is home to St. John’s College, the third oldest college in the whole United States. It was established in 1696! Can you believe that? But, while its beginnings go back, it’s curriculum is very modern. In 1937, it adopted a very avant-garde curriculum centered around the reading and discussing of the great books from the Western world canon of all scholar areas (philosophy, math, science, theology, history etc.).

With all of that and a median home price of $383,000, you’re ready to contact one of our Annapolis Real Estate Agents right now, aren’t you? Be our guest!

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