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Annapolis, MD is a beautiful city located on the Chesapeake Bay in Anne Arundel County. It has a population of about 40,000 people with a median age of about 37 years which makes it a good place for young couples, families as well as seniors. Its location is also influencing the weather in a way that in the summers you get to enjoy hot and humid days and less harsh winters.

Many people argue that Annapolis, MD is one of the best places to live in Maryland. Being close to the water makes it a place where people really rejoice in some of their favorite water activities. But, what more can you experience in Annapolis, MD? Is Annapolis worth visiting? Let’s find out!

Annapolis, MD is a small but charming place to visit, and as you stroll down the streets of downtown Annapolis, you would find lots of colonial architecture paired with some of the best places where you can eat. The small town is easily accessible and everything is within walking distance so you will be perfectly fine even without a car.

The U.S. Navy also has a big influence over the area because the town holds one of the most prestigious Naval Academies in the country. No wonder the city was named the Sailing Capital of the US since the maritime history of Annapolis gave them access to many rivers, creeks, and waterways. If you love exploring uncharted waters then you might want to come to Annapolis, MD, and grab a canoe, kayak or a paddleboard and do so.

The rich history of the city with its scenic streets and beautiful waterfront has a lot in store for you. There are so many things to do in Annapolis, MD that you will hardly find the time for all of it. You should think about relocating here if you really want to experience the city at its fullest. Reaching out to one of our real estate agents in Annapolis MD can help you settle in as quickly as possible so the only thing you have to worry about is having fun and enjoy yourself.


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