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Best Places to Visit in California

“I Was walking down the beach

At San Onofre

It was such a beautiful day

Like most days

The wind was blowin’ through my hair

Sunlight chased my cares away

And the sun dances in the morning sky… “

(California Feelin’ – The Beach Boys)

Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the City of Angels, Hollywood, Yosemite National Park, and the list goes on. These are only a few of California’s landmarks everybody should see at least once in a lifetime! In the last century, California became appreciated and highly praised nationally and globally as the symbol of liberal democracy and equal opportunity America has been fighting for ages successfully.

California, a tourist paradise

California has every ingredient for a delicious holiday: deserts, beaches, mountains, skyscrapers, dreams, and tears of joy. Nonetheless, let’s look beyond the mere facade made up of visual glamour, for instance, the myths surrounding the Golden State. Instead, embark on a true & epic journey together to explore whether the best beaches & places to visit in El Dorado State are indeed worth seeing. 

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Silicon Valley

view of san francisco on a sunny day

Most would think that the entertainment industry is the largest industry in California but that’s not the case,  the computer business is. Silicon Valley depicted so authentically in the TV series, is the global center for high technology, software engineering, and microchips. Did you know that Silicon Valley covers the South of the San Francisco Bay area and its population varies pending on which regions are included in the Valley? (Currently, it is between 3.5 and 4 million residents).

And since we mentioned technology, and you’re a tech-geek, you will most definitely want to visit the Computer History Museum! The venue provides tourists with artifacts from the early days of computing history to the latest top-notch innovations. Thinking that everything is carved out of microchips in Silicon Valley would be silliness. The vast area showcases many tourist-friendly attractions, such as the Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, etc. 

A fascinating piece of trivia is that people working at a Silicon Valley-based computer company choose to work remotely and live in Sacramento, California, due to high housing market prices though it is approximately120 miles away from the Valley. As a result, Sacramento turned into one of the most promising real estate markets in the US

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Santa Clara

aerial view main square clara

Are you a fan of donuts, roller coasters, and mind-blowingly spectacular 4th of July fireworks? Then Santa Clara will be your special place to visit in California by all means! The definitive source of vivid entertainment awaits your entire family at California’s Great America Theme Park. The 112-acre family-friendly venue functions as an amusement park that will sweep you off your feet with its wild big dipper, and water rides. In addition, they will take you on an unforgettable journey on America’s tallest double-decker carousel.

Moreover, the city hosts the world’s most powerful computer company, namely the Intel Corporation. For this purpose, they established a state-of-the-art museum. You can experience the company’s historical operations and innovative gadgets in exhibits for every generation in a fun and interactive way. 

Once leisure and the fascinating history lesson come to an end, you can pay a visit to the Westfield Valley Fair Mall, one of the largest malls in Northern California.

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San Francisco through the Golden Gate

golden gate bridge

Before visiting the actual city, the Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see, and not only because the illustrious American Society of Civil Engineers named it a genuine Wonder of the Modern World. With a 1.7-mile length and a 90-feet width, the legendary suspension bridge connects the Atlantic Ocean to the San Francisco Bay area. Built in the boisterous Jazz Age of the 1920s, the dimension of the Bridge stands for America’s persistence and willpower on all fronts.

There is no boredom in the Golden Gate City! Immerse yourself in the trendiest tourist destinations! Escape from Alcatraz! Then visit the Transamerica Pyramid building, pick up the pace with the world-famous cable cars, and travel to Coit Tower! Face the Chinese New Year Dragon in Chinatown, a city within the City. Besides, you can also have your destiny revealed from Fortune Cookies. Did you know that Chinatowns in the US have a fascinating history looking back more than a century and a half? 

Who wouldn’t want to get firsthand experience driving through the Bridge? Therefore, you can segue to San Francisco, a city boasting an explosion of cultural events every year. 

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twilight view city riverside

Riverside is a town and county seat in Riverside County located approximately 50 miles from Los Angeles. The city boasts many cultural and historical landmarks not to be missed. One of the main attractions is the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, a composite of many architectural styles. Nowadays, the Mission Inn Museum advocates the idea of preserving America’s cultural heritage with compelling exhibits. 

For art and history lovers, we recommend visiting the distinguished Fox Theater, the original cinema in which the movie “Gone with the Wind” premiered in 1939. Throughout the years, the cinema underwent significant changes. Being reconstructed several times, today, it functions as a historical & performing arts theater.

The city displays a distinctive charm surrounded by majestic landscapes. Missing the chance to see it up close and personal would be a shame! And, don’t forget; if you fall in love with the place, you can always buy a property with a Riverside real estate agent!

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Los Angeles and Hollywood

hollywood sign district los angeles usa

No list would be complete without the City of Angels and the motion picture industry. Let’s face it; arguably, most tourists come to visit Los Angeles to experience Hollywood’s unique glitter and sparkle. And the city delivers big time! Countless full-day iconic sightseeing tours with itineraries covering the Warner Bros Studios, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Los Feliz, and Malibu Beaches. Hop on the Hollywood and Celebrity Homes Bus Tour to take you to Sunset Boulevard, then to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they immortalized celebrities with outstanding life achievements. You are stepping on quite a historical sidewalk!

Even if you aren’t in the film industry, there are many things family- and tourist-friendly to do in La-La Land. When you visit Los Angeles, you will have access to great dining, amusement parks, and outdoor paths, from the Santa Monica Pier to the San Fernando Valley, locally known as The Valley.

The Oue Skyspace will give you a complete perspective of the city. Interactive showings and informational movies about the city will further increase the genuinely epic view and the intensity of visiting this formidable metropolis! Fun, history, art, and science go hand in hand at the Natural History Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Don’t be too surprised if you feel like you’re in Disneyland after a while!

Since the economy is booming in the area, virtually, it is always a good time to invest in real estate in Los Angeles. If you’re fascinated with the idea of renting an apartment or purchasing a house to explore the city’s attractions more thoroughly, ask for advice from our local  realtors in Los Angeles CA, today! 

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San Diego


San Diego, CA, showcases an extraordinary range of outdoor activities set in picturesque settings, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and surfing. Discover the city’s trendiest tourist attraction, namely Balboa Park. The park hosts museums with high attendance, along with charming gardens featuring just the most exotic flowers worldwide. Furthermore, San Diego also emphasizes the importance of historical roots in the Spanish Colonial style architecture. 

Animal lovers are invited to visit the San Diego Zoo, the centerpiece of the Balboa Park mentioned before. Children will have a blast looking, playing, and feeding exotic animals, for example, elephants, polar bears, Komodo dragons, flamingos, gorillas, mandrills, birds of paradise, giant tortoises, etc.

Simply put, the colorful array of must-see attractions is overwhelming such as Sea World, Legoland California, Mission Beach, the San Diego Convention Center, and many more. If you decide to relocate to this wondrous land, choose the local realtors in San Diego CA to purchase a home! The abundance of pastime activities will make you think about moving to the city, for sure!

Yosemite National Park

yosemite national park mountains view

Imagine the most picturesque natural landscapes only the best painters can draw! And you haven’t seen anything come even close to the Yosemite National Park’s majestic scenery. Are you in search of pure and untamed wilderness where you can do soul-searching? In the shadow of giant sequoias, you can do that by all means! Do you wish to offer your family the experience of a lifetime? Or do you want to discover a sincerely romantic hideout? Then Yosemite should be your best bet! Yosemite currently tops the ranking of the five most beautiful national parks in America!  

The Sierra National Forest practically embraces the Yosemite National Park. The area consists of 750,000 acres, where more than 2 million travelers come every year. Once you’re there, be sure not to miss the Half Dome, Glacier Point, and Mariposa Grove! The landscape is one-of-a-kind because the glacial Valley is carved out of granite resulting in sheer cliffs, such as the Half Dome and El Captain. Tons of waterfalls will await you, surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the Sierra Nevada.

Yosemite National Park has gained its well-deserved reputation by displaying the Tunnel View, an iconic panorama of towering Bridalveil Fall. Furthermore, the Yosemite Museum and the Ansel Adams Gallery feature reproductions of the photographer’s famous black-and-white vistas of the region. Yosemite Village has various stores, restaurants and offers accommodation at tourist-friendly lodges. 

Suppose you plan to stay for an indefinite period next to the National Park to explore its beauties fully. In that case, we highly recommend the city of Mariposa, which is only 66 miles away from Yosemite. The skilled local real estate agents in Mariposa CA, will provide you with affordable housing options in this lovely and tranquil little town.


If we are supposed to compile a study enlisting only the not so spectacular locations in the Golden West, we assure you, the list would be quite short. California displays so many stunning cities, beaches, and national parks that it has all the right to claim its reputation: the dreamland.

We intended to highlight the hotshot tourist destinations and the least known yet similarly significant landmarks in California. Is there a hidden gem you discovered recently in the Grape State? Please share it with us in the comment section below!

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