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Do you plan on taking a walk on Sunset Boulevard? All you can dream about is exploring the legendary Tinseltown? Do you wish to become an actor and have your own star on the Walk of Fame? Let’s find you professional realtors in Hollywood CA who can get you a cost-effective apartment to rent! Perhaps you're interested in moving to Hollywood, California? The experienced real estate agents in Hollywood CA will offer you a hard-to-resist and first-class property available on the real estate market! Or, you might be interested in selling your home in Hollywood. Our local realtors in Hollywood CA will expertly guide you through the entire home selling process. They will give you expert advice on preparing to maximize your profits after selling your house in Hollywood. Time is money, so what are you waiting for? Contact the best realtors in Hollywood CA, now! The list below has the best real estate agents in Hollywood CA. All their expertise is just a click away. Local realtors in Hollywood CA, will assist you in refurbishing your house to look perfect for the housing market. Suppose you’re looking for the best apartment close to your workplace. Then get in touch with top realtors in Hollywood CA! Furthermore, local real estate agents in Hollywood California will make sure to turn your real estate expectations into a reality! Don’t miss out on a low-cost condo or an affordable apartment! Local real estate agents in Hollywood CA, will provide you with the best offers on the housing market! The housing market in Tinseltown is booming! Don’t miss your chance! Do you find it impossible to get a budget-friendly house in California? Reach out to local real estate agents in Hollywood CA!
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The economy and real estate in Hollywood, California

According to the 2021 census, the population of Tinseltown was about 146,000 living on a 3.51-square-mile piece of dreamland. The majority of its residents have profitable jobs, most notably those affiliated with the film industry. The average household income was $73,000 in 2021. Therefore, not surprisingly for the local real estate agents in Hollywood CA, the housing market is competitive and booming in the area. The median listing price in 2021 is approximately $870,000. There was a slight decline of about one percent in housing prices compared to last year’s numbers. The local real estate agents in Hollywood CA told us that some properties receive multiple offers. In general, average homes sell for one percent above list price. Hot homes can sell even by four percent above the initial price. In addition, Hollywood enjoys the advantages of proximity to other hot-selling housing markets, such as Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Greater Wilshire, Studio City, and Hollywood Hills West.

Hollywood on the Walk of Fame

Hollywood, CA, is like a “mini-state” within the city of Los Angeles. Dreams do come true here, even if computer-generated images help them shape up to reality. Did you know that there are other things than the film industry in Hollywood? For example, you could become a realtor here representing clients with classic and rare properties. Or you might wish to pursue the career of a talent agent. In any case, let local realtors in Hollywood CA be your guide in this highly popular Los Angeles district and show you around for cost-effective apartments and houses!


The US government incorporated the municipality of Hollywood in 1903. Soon they merged with Los Angeles in 1910. After this event, Hollywood became the center of the US film industry. By that time, Thomas Edison’s Motion Pictures Patents Company held the rights to film patents. Often, they obstructed the filmmakers’ work legally. For this reason, people in the show business started to move to Los Angeles, where it was easier to get away from the enforcement of Edison’s patents. The weather also favored on-location shootings. In short, film execs and studios realized the potential in the area, namely inexpensive real estate. Mountains, low lands, and plains have served as a perfect backdrop for numerous flicks produced ever since. The most notable Hollywood studios laid their foundations in this period, such as Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros.

How to make a trip to Hollywood memorable?

Are you in awe strolling on the streets of this exquisite entertainment industry? Let us give you a few tips on which places to visit! The Walk of Fame attracts millions of tourists yearly. Test your film knowledge and try to recognize as many foot and hand imprints in the concrete as possible! Countless actors, singers, and renowned public celebrities received a star on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Unfortunately, Paramount Studios is the only film studio left from the old ones. So take a studio tour to explore a more than 100-year-old film history among the awe-inspiring film sets! You should also check Hollywood Forever Cemetery on your list. The burial place honors the stars of the film industry in the most glamorous way. Next stop: Hollywood Heritage Museum!  The facility features one-of-a-kind exhibits, archives, and photo galleries from the glorious past. Let’s suppose you’re no film enthusiast or geek. Even then, the sheer spectacle and humility Hollywood pays tribute to everyone contributing to Tinseltown’s fame will sweep you off your feet! Walk and watch as the sun goes down on Sunset Boulevard! While you get a glimpse into multiple neighborhoods and numerous trendy tourist attractions! Moreover, the Boulevard hosts famous hotels, such as Sunset Tower Hotel or Andaz West Hollywood. So you can make Sunset Bvd your base to explore the entire area!

Things to know before moving to Hollywood

Are you an aspiring actor? Do you want to be successful in Tinseltown? Or do you wish to enjoy the sunshine in the vicinity of famous neighbors? Here are a couple of things to know before you move to Hollywood, California. First of all, the advantages of living in Hollywood, CA, outnumber the disadvantages. The neighborhood welcomes newcomers, especially families. The public school system received good ratings overall. Besides, it offers plenty of outdoor activities under A+ weather conditions all year long. As a result, health and fitness flourish in the neighborhood. In addition, Hollywood excels in organizing nightlife events. You can quickly get to places anytime because they have managed the public transportation system exceedingly well. Diversity is a trendy buzzword, and Hollywood has turned into a real champion in this domain. On the downside, finding a suitable job could be slightly tricky. Another disadvantage is the relatively high cost of living. The neighborhood should also improve on crime rates.

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