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Fun facts about Sacramento, California

You’ll find Sacramento on the map in the northern area of Central Valley at the junction of the Sacramento and American Rivers. It lies on 100.105 square miles. Currently, it has 2,155,000 residents making it the sixth most populous city in California. Historical fact: they named the city after the Spanish “sacrament”. At first, Native Indian tribes had occupied the land when the Spanish arrived and called Sacramento after the Holy Communion in 1808.


Don’t be surprised when people ask you in which Sacramento you live. Since basically, Capital City in California is two cities in one. You’ll find the “formal” Sacramento in Sacramento County. On the other hand, West Sacramento belongs to Yolo County. An entire structure of tunnels links these two parts under the city’s foundation built to combat the inundation.


The two houses of the Legislature meet at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.  The local realtors in Sacramento CA, told us that the city has turned into the state’s political center. As a result, a genuine political hub was formed to represent lobbyists’ interests and think tanks. These are various NGOs performing socio-political, economic, and technological tasks. With great success, we might add.


Many local real estate agents in Sacramento CA, refer to the city as the “Farm-to-Fork” Capital. The city excels in renowned local farmer markets, always displaying and shipping fresh products all over the nation. 

The Economy in Sacramento, California

It may not be the most famous city in California. Still, Sacramento indeed has experienced a thriving economy by leaps and bounds over the years! Currently, the Sacramento urban area is California’s fifth-largest one, making it a good target for the top real estate agents in Sacramento CA. It comes very close to Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, the so-called Inland Empire (a metropolitan region in the south of California), and, finally, the San Diego metro area.


Being California’s capital city has outstanding advantages for the local realtors in Sacramento CA. There are noticeably many industries represented in Sacramento. Transportation and government are the largest employers in the metropolitan area. Additionally, agriculture and mining had a sure footing in the past. Nowadays, however, the city has re-routed its economic profile. Thus, IT, hospitality, and leisure became the main areas to find top-paying jobs. The education system, construction, and health services also welcome an aspiring and new workforce. Mostly, Hewlett-Packard and Intel are the two top-notch technology-related firms. Other famous companies based in Sacramento are the following: The McClatchy, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Teichert, Blue Diamond Growers, and Sutter Health, etc. Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fastest growing industries in the region: the financial domain, business, and professional services. This is why the local real estate agents in Sacramento CA are gloating seeing new future leads that will become clients.

Is it worth moving to Sacramento, California?

If you’re looking to start fresh, you should give the local realtors in Sacramento CA, a chance to sell you this city! Although the global pandemic affected the local economy to a certain extent, the city has the advantage of many promising new job opportunities and vacancies. You won’t have to look for long to find a vacant job suited to your requirements. Sacramento’s economic analysis shows the city is on par with the national average figures in recent and future job growth, unemployment rate, and household income, as the local realtors in Sacramento CA love to brag. 


At least once in a lifetime, the average American considers moving to the Golden State. However, no secret, California is one of the most expensive states in the US. For this reason, relocating to Sacramento might be the ideal option for you because the costs of living are generally more affordable than in any other Golden State metropolitan area!   


Let’s see some perks of moving here gathered by the local realtors in Sacramento CA! Neighborhoods in Sacramento are astonishing and extremely newcomer- and family-friendly! You won’t have to worry about the cold temperatures during winter! Its natural environment is a beauty to behold! Consequently, you’ll be closer to Freshwater Rivers and Lakes featuring outdoor waterways for you to explore! Moreover, it takes only a couple of hours to get to Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, and Apple Hill,

The real estate market in Sacramento, California

The local real estate agents in Sacramento CA, told us that the housing market is and has always been highly competitive. As a result, the median listing home price in Sacramento is approximately $450,000 ($310 per sq foot), according to September 2021 statistics. 


Properties in Sacramento usually receive multiple offers. And new home buyers are liable to purchase homes in Sacramento as they are, meaning without a previous home inspection. Houses sell like hotcakes: about three percent above the listing price. Presently, some house owners in Sacramento can sell their homes seven percent above the list price! Selling a home is not a problem in Sacramento. Buying one might take a little while. It takes experience and know-how in the business to find the right one. If time is precious to you, contact the local real estate agents in Sacramento CA, now! Local realtors in Sacramento California are up-to-date with topical information on the city’s housing market. And they will get you an exquisite property in California’s capital city tailored to your budget. Are you looking for a low-cost rental in one of the well-known and trustworthy Sacramento neighborhoods or downtown? Search no more! Our real estate agents in Sacramento California know all the budget-friendly yet premium rental units in this Greater Sacramento area!

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