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Best cities to see street musicians

Street musicians add to the vibrant cultural experience of a city. They infuse the streets with music, creating a unique atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. From the haunting melodies of a lone saxophonist on a street corner to the lively rhythms of a full band performing in a busy plaza, street music can enhance the charm and character of a city. Some cities are particularly renowned for being the best cities for musicians. They offer a wide range of genres and performers worldwide. This article will explore some of the best cities for musicians, where you can experience the magic of live, impromptu performances on the streets. There are a lot of cities to visit if you love music, you just have to find them.

How to be a street musician

female musicianc playing acoustic guitar

Street musicians, also known as buskers, have been around for centuries, bringing music to the public in open spaces such as streets, parks, and plazas. Being a street musician can be a fun and rewarding experience, as you can share your musical talents with a diverse range of people and earn some money while doing so. Let’s find out how to be a street musician and learn some tips for success.

Choose your location

The location you choose to play is crucial to your success as a street musician. Look for areas with high foot traffic, such as busy streets, tourist hotspots, or parks. Try to find a spot that is not too crowded, so people can stop and listen to your music without feeling cramped. Make sure you have permission to play in the area you choose.

Be prepared

As a street musician, you need to be prepared for anything. Bring all the equipment you need, including your instrument, amplifier, extension cords, and any accessories you may need. It’s also a good idea to bring backup batteries or a power bank if your equipment runs out of power. Ensure you have everything you need in a backpack or a case that is easy to carry around.

Practice your craft

To be a successful street musician, you must have a strong repertoire of songs you can play. Spend time practicing your instrument and singing. Make sure you know your songs inside and out. You don’t need to be a virtuoso musician to be a street musician. You do need to have a good sense of rhythm, timing, and melody.

Engage with your audience

One of the great things about being a street musician is the opportunity to interact with your audience. Don’t be shy, engage with people as they walk by. Smile, make eye contact, and say hello. If someone stops to listen to your music, thank them and ask if they have any song requests. You can also use social media to connect with your audience and share updates about where you’ll be playing.

Be respectful

Remember that you are playing in public spaces, and respecting the people around you is crucial. Don’t block walkways or impede foot traffic. Be mindful of noise levels, especially when playing in a residential area. Always clean up after yourself and leave the area in better condition than you found it.

Have fun

Finally, remember to have fun! Being a street musician is a great way to express yourself creatively and to connect with people. Don’t get too caught up in making money or pleasing everyone. Focus on enjoying the experience and sharing your love of music with others.

Best cities to live in for musicians

New Orleans, Louisiana

new orleans street musicians

A city known for its rich musical heritage and its street music scene is no exception. One of the best cities for musicians has a vibrant and eclectic busking scene, with musicians playing everything from jazz and blues to Cajun and zydeco music. The French Quarter is a popular spot for street musicians, as is Jackson Square, where you can often see brass bands and other performers. New Orleans also hosts many music festivals throughout the year, including the famous Jazz and Heritage Festival. New Orleans is a beautiful city, with a vibrant scene, so if you wanna be part of it’s amazing community, don’t hesitate to contact the local real estate agents in New Orleans, LA, and find something you like.

Austin, Texas

This city is regarded as one of the best cities for musicians. Living in Austin, Texas, it’s like an adventure every day. This vibrant and culturally rich city has a long history of supporting and nurturing musicians of all genres and backgrounds. Its bustling streets are filled with talented performers who captivate locals and tourists alike with their music. Known as one of the best cities for musicians because it is home to hundreds of music venues, festivals, and events throughout the year, and music is an integral part of the city’s identity. As a result, Austin’s residents and visitors are particularly receptive to live music, and street musicians are often welcomed with open arms. If you ever consider moving to this beautiful city and want to be part of an amazing community, don’t hesitate to contact realtors in Austin Texas.

New York City, New York

new york city december

A playground for street performers from aboveground to deep belowground, where you have something new to discover daily. Amidst workers hustling to associate with their trains, old tunes performed by gifted artists overwhelm their rushed strides. After all, this is where the Naked Cowboy became a walking sensation, and life-size figurines are observed taking selfies with enthusiastic fans. NYC is considered one of the best cities for musicians awakened by the bustle of its people, whether it is saxophonists wooing onlookers or local artists drawing portraits for the city’s residents. Once passengers have settled into their train seats, the performers usually break the silence by rapping, clapping, jumping off seats, and swinging from the railings. In addition, New York City would not be what it is if it did not provide a stage where the unknown could gain fame among curious pedestrians. As you see, there is no boring day in New York, there are people coming and going every day, and real estate agents in New York are more than happy to help anyone fit in The Big Apple

Asheville, North Carolina

Despite being a small city destination in North Carolina, Asheville has a big music scene, and its street music scene is no exception. Asheville has a reputation for being an artistic hub. With a thriving music scene that attracts visitors from all over the country, making it one of the best cities for musicians. Locals and tourists are happy to stop and listen to street musicians, creating a supportive and appreciative audience. The city’s vibrant downtown area is bustling with foot traffic, providing a perfect opportunity for musicians to showcase their talents to a large and diverse audience. Busking, or street performance, is a common sight throughout the city, and many musicians have built successful careers by performing on the streets of the best cities for musicians. There is a sense of camaraderie and support among street musicians in the city. Many performers share tips, advice, and encouragement with one another. People are very welcoming, so if you’re looking for a place to relocate and looking for a city with welcoming neighborhoods and a rich history, contact any of our realtors in Asheville NC, and find something that will fit your taste.

Las Vegas

las vegas cityscape view

The fun in Las Vegas is still going strong, and nowhere is it more evident than on the smoldering Strip. Also, to the glitzy casinos and nightclubs, visitors are quickly captivated by the performers vying for a buck. The more outrageous the talent, the more difficult it is to get a front-row seat from dusk until dawn. From the unusual to the surprising, there’s seldom a second while applauding, or oohs and aahs aren’t reverberating through the hot spot. Children transform their bodies into breakdancing machines, magicians perform electrifying tricks using their onlookers as props, and instrumentalists take their positions on the busy pavements while tuning their instruments on the world-famous boulevard. All the above made Las Vegas one of the best cities to live in for musicians, so if you’re considering moving here, don’t hesitate to reach out to real estate agents in Las Vegas so you can find a place to call home in this beautiful city.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a destination worthy of pilgrimage, particularly for country music fans. The city of Nashville maintained its position as one of the nation’s most important musical centers despite once being home to some of the most outstanding performers in the genre, such as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. As a result, this custom is prevalent on the streets, making it one of the best cities for musicians. Follow the Honky Tonk Highway to Lower Broadway to see entertainers working in historic saloons, bars, and juke joints to survive. Whether you’re a musician trying to relocate for a thriving career, realtors in Nashville Tennessee, can provide you with more useful information about the local real estate market, and help you find a place to call home.

San Francisco, California

san francisco dramatic clouds

San Francisco has a rich cultural heritage, and its street music scene is a testament to that. The city has many designated busking zones where street musicians can perform without fear of harassment. The Embarcadero is famous for street musicians like the Ferry Building Marketplace. The city also hosts many music festivals throughout the year, including the famous Outside Lands festival. If you want to enjoy all the beauties that San Francisco offers, don’t hesitate to reach out to any realtors in San Francisco, California, and be part of a welcoming community.

Chicago, Illinois

Music in this city dates back a long way, to a time when places like Maxwell Street were famous for their blues singers and appeared in the movie “Blues Brothers.” As mimes, hip-hop dancers, and other enticing performances have developed throughout the city, Chicago has never lost its musical desire. The city’s love of music runs deep, as shown by the many performances on its sidewalk. With their acrobatic skills and beautiful harmonies, many Chicago buskers make the city’s streets feel like an outdoor concert venue. The city of Chicago developed its own style of blues. This makes it not just a perfect fit for tourists but for residents as well. Contact any real estate agents in Chicago Illinois, if you are considering moving to a city like this, where you can find something new to do every day.

How much does a street musician make?

rock musicians guitar hat

A street musician’s money can vary depending on various factors. Some musicians may only make a few dollars, while others can make hundreds of dollars or more. One of the most important factors influencing a street musician’s earnings is the location where they perform. Buskers who play in high-traffic areas, such as tourist spots or busy downtown areas, may likely attract a larger audience and earn more money. The time of day can also impact a street musician’s earnings. During peak hours, such as lunchtime or early evening, more people may be out and about, which can translate into more potential listeners and donors. The musician’s talent, style, and repertoire are also significant factors. Those with unique, captivating performances and a strong ability to engage their audience may be more likely to attract larger crowds and receive more generous tips. The audience’s generosity can play a significant role in earnings. Some people may be more inclined to give generously, while others may be less likely to donate. It’s important to remember that there’s no guaranteed income as a street musician, as tips and earnings can fluctuate daily.


The United States is a vibrant country with many cities offering unique and exciting music lovers’ experiences. Street musicians play an integral role in the music scene in many cities across the US, bringing a diverse range of sounds and cultures to public spaces where one can enjoy the sounds of street musicians. While some cities are known for their iconic music scenes and famous performers, others offer a more grassroots experience that allows visitors to discover new talent and genres. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, blues, folk, or any other genre, there is likely a city in the US that offers street musicians to suit your tastes. Exploring the best cities to see street musicians in the US can be an unforgettable experience that allows you to discover the heart and soul of the country’s music culture.


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