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Last updated: September 11, 2021 • Marketing Tips

Creating a Real Estate Agent Tagline

Any real estate agent can tell you competition is fierce. Having a strong real estate agent tagline that is easy to remember, can be one of the things that makes you stand out to potential home buyers and home sellers. A great tagline brings you clients by the dozens if it is catchy, simple and memorable – a cheesy tagline could turn them off. Agent taglines should be considered part of your real estate marketing plan. How do you create a tagline that shows the world just how great you are at your job?

  • DO choose a tagline that is personal to you if possible. Use a positive call to action. One real estate agent named Faith uses the tagline “Have Faith”. Another changed the perception of a real estate agent by using the word “Ask” in front of his last name – “Ask Ellison” – thus inviting people to use him as a trusted resource instead of demanding they hire him as an agent.
  • DON’T use overdone generic terms like “#1” or “Best” or “AAA”. People are bored and cynical about such tactics, and will be inclined to ignore you, assuming your abilities as an real estate agent are on the same level as your inspiration when choosing a tagline – that is to say, “blah”.
  • DO appeal to customer emotions. Clients want to know you are on their side, and that you genuinely care about what happens to them or their home. “Pleasing people is my business – selling homes is a side effect!”
  • DON’T be overly wordy; short and sweet is the way to go when coming up with a tagline that will stick in people’s heads. Stay at 12 words or less for maximum impact, and make sure you include positive, action-based words.
  • DO highlight how your service benefits customers by choosing words that show how you provide excellence in customer service / care.
  • DON’T put down the competition. Using terms like “a real estate agent you can trust!” reinforces the mistaken idea that real estate agents are inherently untrustworthy. Build yourself up; don’t tear others down.
  • DO answer the question “what’s in it for me?” in a positive way. Point out that you always have time for your home buyers, or that you believe an educated client is a powerful client. Most home buyers and sellers don’t like the process of buying or selling a home because they feel out of their depth. Help them feel informed and in control!

A brainstorming session during which you list 10 benefits you offer to clients, then 10 things your clients look for, then 10 problems home buyers or sellers have can help you come up with a good tagline. If you’re still stumped, don’t be afraid to ask an advertising expert for help – sometimes it can be good to get an outsider’s view. Finally, once you have a tagline, use it in every form of media you can – print, web, social media, and email. Getting people to recognize your tagline and associate it with you is the first step in building a recognizable brand and also a great tool for improving your real estate marketing strategies!

Top 10 Awesome Agent Tagline Examples:

  1. Find Your Nook –
  2. Let Us Guide You Home – Compass
  3. Above the Crowd – ReMax
  4. Live Who You Are – Corcoran
  5. Search. See. Love. – Long & Foster
  6. Find Your Formula – StreetEasy
  7. Everything I Touch Turns to Sold
  8. Results that Move You
  9. Your home, mi casa
  10. Profit from my Experience

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