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Last updated: January 12, 2017 • Real Estate

Florida Sea Level and Flood Risks

Hollywood, FL, real estate agents may have to field the more and more frequent question “What about the sea level rising?” as awareness of climate change and worries about flooding increase in the years leading up to 2020.

However, there are plans in place to protect the Floridian coastline from flooding, which can be used to counter concerns over the rapidly changing face of the Florida landscape. 

Visit the NOAA website: The Office Of Coastal Management

High Population along the Florida Coast Raises Concerns

With inexorably rising seas, a density of population along the threatened coastline, porous bedrock that makes it difficult to build levees, and tropical storms always at the back of everyone’s minds, buyers may take a little more convincing than the past suggests. Hollywood, FL, real estate agents can combat these worries with data, facts and information about the area and the plans to protect residents and property.

Approximately 2.4 million people and 1.3 million homes make up a staggering nearly 50% of all homes at such risk nationwide, line Florida beaches; many only a scant 4 feet from the local high tide line. With sea level rise more than doubling the risk of a storm surge by 2030, Floridians holding or seeking to buy property with a 20-30 year mortgage, that date comes all too soon.

Southern Florida taxpayers have seen salt water pushing through porous bedrock into coastal drinking-water supplies, while interior rivers and canals become choked by heavy rains and find trouble properly draining into the ocean.

Residents Can Trust in Experts to find Viable Solutions

Research pointing out the dangers have been ongoing for years, and now centers are pouring time and money into finding ways to keep the march of the sea from crippling the Sunshine State’s booming residential areas. has compiled a wealth of data, and FIU has launched the Sea Level Solutions Center to develop long term strategies.

The center combines a vast range of expertise in the natural, physical and social sciences. It includes top experts in the fields of architecture, engineering, computer sciences, law, communications, business, health and tourism management, and it’s convenient Miami based main location  is primed to face the challenges of rising sea levels along South Florida’s coastline.

Stay Informed, and Inform Others

Hollywood, FL real estate agents can inform themselves about the FIU Sea Level Solutions Center, which is dedicated to envisioning and designing 22nd century coastal communities. The problem of sea level is tackled from multiple sides, and is geared towards working with local governments, business and community leaders.

This acceleration of adaption planning combined with a renewed drive towards collecting data and modeling projected sea level rise makes Florida the focus of collaborative efforts, which can be translated to other regions of the country such as Louisiana and Texas’ Gulf Coast, where sea level rise is also a concern for coastal communities.

There’s no reason for Hollywood, FL real estate agents to shy away from the issues of climate change when discussing beachfront properties. Knowledge is power, and staying informed of Florida’s plans to maintain their coastal areas is an important part of effective marketing in the area.


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