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Are you thinking of moving to the city of Miami Florida? You’ve made a great choice! The local real estate agents in Miami FL can tell you, this city is as great a place to visit as it is to live. The city has an abundance of attractions, a thriving real estate market and a high median wage, which makes it perfect for any homebuyer. What is so special about this city, you ask? Well, as any of the real estate agents in Miami FL can tell you, there are tons of things that set it apart from the crowd when it comes to places to live! Take its real estate market for example. Real estate agents in Miami FL have an abundance of work, as new arrivals flock to the city seeking work and housing. As any realtors in Miami FL can confirm, this has created a thriving real estate market with a relatively low median home price and excellent investment potential. If you buy a home in Miami, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sell that home for a profit later on, as property values continue to slowly but steadily increase. Then there is the job market. Top ranked real estate agents in Miami FL can tell you, there is plenty of opportunity for anyone willing to work hard and exceed in their position. Whether you’re a certified professional or an unskilled laborer, a good work ethic will take you to unimaginable heights in this thriving job market. If you’re thinking of buying a home here, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you’ll find an indexed list of the top realtors in Miami FL complete with their contact information and a short bio. These realtors in Miami FL are your best option when it comes to buying a home in the area. We hope you enjoy Miami!

Top Realtors in Miami, FL

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  • M.Cristina G. Diez, P.A. ELITE badge icon

    Douglas Elliman - Coral Gales

    • Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    • REALTOR®
    • The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    Providing services for homebuyers, sellers and renters in:

    Miami, FL

    Coral Gables, FL

    South Miami, FL

    Kendall, FL

    Pinecrest, FL

    Doral, FL

    Brickell, FL

    Coconut Grove, FL

    Cutler Bay, FL

    Agent spoken language: English , Spanish

  • Levy Realty Partners ELITE badge icon

    Inmobiliata, Llc

    • Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
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    Providing services for homebuyers, sellers and renters in:

    Hollywood, FL

    Sunny Isles, FL

    Miami, FL

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Coral Springs, FL

    Parkland, FL

    Boynton Beach, FL

    Delray Beach, FL

    Boca Raton, FL

    Agent spoken language: English , Spanish


Dubbed as the “Capital of Latin American”, Miami embodies some of America’s most prized values.


Diversity is big there. You have a lot of Cubans, Colombians, Haitians, Venezuelans, Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Russians, Peruvians, Ukrainians, Europeans… all getting along great, happy to be part of America; contributing to make it an even greater place. If your English is not that great, chances are you will find among our list of Miami real estate agents one that speaks your language. If you’ve lived long enough in Miami, you know at least some go-to phrases and curse words in another language than English. And even the most food restrictive will find something delicious to eat there; it’s great!


So what is it like to live in Miami FL? Well, let’s take a look at what real estate agents in Miami FL have to say about it living here! As any realtors in Miami FL can tell you, there are a lot of reasons to make this delightful city your home. From its modest median home price to its excellent investment value and a wide variety of things to do, there’s no shortage of reasons; let’s get into it! 


Why should you move to Miami? 

Let’s start with the things to do. Whether you’re visiting Miami or planning to move there, the local real estate agents in Miami FL will not hesitate to tell you all about the many things there are to do in this delightful city. There are bars, nightclubs, and a wide variety of restaurants, all of which are among the best in their respective classes. 


Innovation is at an all-time high. Infrastructure investments are strong – a big fleet of ride-sharing apps, the Brightline train connecting Miami to Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach (and soon Orlando), free trolleys, and the free metro mover are helping the city deal with the growing pains of metropolitan traffic. All to assist the growing population and huge tourism: Miami has received nearly 16 million overnight visitors in 2017. Not to mention both the Port of Miami - that transports freight from all over the globe and is considered by many the cruise capital of the world, due to its premier position near the Caribbean – and the Miami International Airport, which ranks in at #2 in the United States when it comes to the number of international passengers.


Then there’s something that real estate agents in Miami also love to talk about: festival culture! Every year, Miami plays host to some of the biggest acts in the music industry, with festivals of all sizes held year round. These festivals are a great place to find other fans of your favorite bands and genres. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even run into one of the top ranked realtors in Miami FL! 


What about freedom? One very unique aspect Miami real estate agents won’t forget to mention to clients like you, looking to relocate to Miami, is the fact that Florida has no state income tax. Isn’t that great? We won’t forget to mention that, despite that, the state government is very active in providing options for resident families, like the countless awesome parks and beaches they keep.


But there’s more here than just festivals and delightful attractions; there’s also a vibrant real estate market! While it’s not the best in the state by any means, the real estate market in Miami Florida has a low median home price and excellent investment value, making it a great place for forward thinking home buyers. Just call up one of the real estate agents in Miami FL and get the ball rolling!


Practical aspects of moving to Miami, Florida

If you’re looking for a job in this city, let the real estate agents in Miami Florida be the first to tell you that the job market here is good! With excellent job growth that has exceeded expectations year after year, job seekers in Miami Florida will find that this is a great place to find a job, and a great place to be an employee. Whether you’re a certified professional or an unskilled laborer, your prospects here are unlimited! A good market at a great time of growth, according to our Miami real estate agents. Because of the great diversity aforementioned, Downtown Miami is home to banks from all over the world (especially South Americans), making it, along with Brickell, a vibrating financial center with lots of young and hungry people. Talking about that… no wonder we have elected Miami as #1 on our best cities for singles list; add the beaches with the world-class nightclubs and that pool of young and diverse people, the relatively low cost of living and you get a great environment for dating, right?


Of course, Miami FL isn’t without its faults. One such fault is its crime rates. While they aren’t as high as those in some of America’s most dangerous cities, crime rates in Miami Florida are significantly above average for the state of Florida and the entirety of the country. Before buying a home in Miami FL, be sure to discuss this with the local real estate agents in Miami Florida to find the safest neighborhood you can afford a home in. 


Buying a home in Miami Florida

But if you want nice and quiet, fear not. A good Miami real estate agent can connect you with quieter spots within the city or 20 minutes away in one of the nice suburbs that people only discover is not part of Miami when picky people say “Did you know that technically this is not Miami?”. Those places have some of the best school districts in Florida, and a lot of good colleges, especially if you love sports. Yes, we were almost forgetting sports! You have 3 time NBA champions Miami Heat, traditional teams like the Dolphins (NFL), and up and coming teams like the Marlins (MLB) and a soon to premier MLS club run by David Beckham – which will bring a lot of job and growth to real estate with the building of their stadium complex, a smart Miami realtor will say… So, if you’re thinking of buying a second home, an Airbnb in Miami might be a great investment. It’s known to be one of the most expensive Airbnb’s in the world.


If you’re thinking of buying a home in Miami Florida, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find an indexed list of the best real estate agents in Miami FL, complete with contact information and a short bio. Give one of these realtors in Miami FL a call, and ask them how they can help you find your next home! 


Miami is not done growing yet. Yes, the local realtors in Miami are smiling from ear to ear because their work is being super facilitated, right? Experts say the horizon looks mighty for the city, so contact one of our Miami real estate agents because now is the best time to move there and grow together with it.


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