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Living In Bonita Springs FL

For one of the loveliest coastal towns in the state, the city of Bonita Springs, FL is surprisingly not as crowded as one might expect, especially after discovering its particular kind of attraction for residents and visitors alike. Living in Bonita Springs Florida provides a certain kind of soothing and relaxing atmosphere where people find it easy to leave their worries behind and, from a small coastal town it’s hardly unexpected. You’ll see why as we go over some particularities of the city in the following article.

Located on the southwest shore of Florida, the city of Bonita Springs is right on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by state parks and natural preserves, you will always find some exciting outdoor activities to pass the time. With major cities only a short 40-minute drive away, both Cape Coral and Fort Myers, have even more amenities available for the residents of Bonita Springs, as well as job opportunities, big-city attractions as well as a much more exciting nightlife. The city of Bonita Springs, FL is a comfortable and safe small community that offers a high quality of life packed with that beach lifestyle that we all dream about. From golfing to fishing or dining to shopping, there is something for everyone in this holiday destination from Florida’s southwestern edge.

Bonita Springs Demographics

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With over 60,000 residents living in Bonita Springs, Florida, the city has an average annual growth of around 3%. This growth has been steady more or less ever since the early beginnings of the city. Even if there have been archaeological findings that showed the inhabitants of the area for at least 8,000 years, the city by the name of Bonita Springs was only established in 1999. Prior developers named it Bonita Springs as the original name, Survey, was thought to not be marketable or lacking touristic appeal. With the development of new attractions, the city began to grow to the vacation spot we can see today.

Because of the year-round warm climate, and high quality of life, retirees are particularly attracted to the city. This influences the city’s median age of 57.3 years with 39.7% of the population exceeding the 65 years old marker. The sex ratio is somewhat balanced with 50.07% of the population being female and the rest 49.93% male.

Racial diversity

  • Caucasian: 90.75%
  • Hispanic: 27.2%
  • African American: 1.9%
  • Asian: 0.9%
  • Two or More Races: 0.7%

Moving to Bonita Springs, Florida

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Among the best-known locations in Florida’s southwest are Fort Myers or Cape Coral and you can find countless reasons why they are great options for relocation to either of them, but we are here to present you with this hidden gem. The lifestyle available in this small town is completely different from what you can expect from the other larger cities and can not even be matched by either of them. 

Of course, when you move to a new city there are some things that will interest you. Is Bonita Springs a safe place to live? How expensive will it be to live there? What salary expectations should I have? How are the school districts? All these are perfectly reasonable questions so we’ll take a look and make sure you know what to expect.

The cost of living in Bonita Springs, FL matches the national average with slight differences when it comes to the housing costs, utility prices, transportation costs or grocery expenses. While housing, groceries and transportation are more expensive in this coastal town by 2%, 5% and 7% respectively, the national expenses for utilities are 12% more expensive than the ones in Bonita Springs, Florida. The median household income, however, of $62,000 allows for comfortable living standards that coupled with those white sandy beaches attract more and more residents. In regards to the safety ratings, Bonita Springs is among the safest cities in Florida so that isn’t something that should worry you.

Best Neighborhoods in Bonita Springs FL

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Another very important factor when you start planning a move is to know in which area of the country, state or city you want to move. Each neighborhood has something that makes it stand out and you have to figure out what is most important to you. If your top priority is safety, then you might not live in a neighborhood that has the highest salaries and so on. It’s best to make a list of what is most important for your family and see which neighborhood checks out the most boxes.

The best neighborhoods in Bonita Springs, Florida for your family, might not be the same for other households. It all depends on what is at the top of your list for you.

For those that decide safety is more important than anything else, in the city of Bonita Springs, FL the safest neighborhood is The Brooks. There you will find close gated communities with golf clubs as well as the second-best schools in the city. The housing in the area is mostly waterfront single-detached family homes however there is no access to the ocean by boat. The price range goes from $140,000 all the way up to 2 Million so there is a wide selection available.

The highest appreciation rates for housing in Bonita Springs, FL can be found in the west of the S Tamiami Trail with condos that start at around $100,000 and large mansions that go for as high as 4 Million. The types of houses here vary and similarly to The Brooks Community, there are a large number of single-detached family waterfront homes. In this area, you may also be surprised to learn that you will find the second-highest income increase over the past 5 years.

Bonita Springs Florida real estate

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With the increased appeal of a coastal town, the city of Bonita Springs, FL definitely plays its cards well and uses the waterfront appeal to its advantage. With the median housing price of $340,000, the home value is higher than the median state value. Actually, when compared to the much larger cities of Cape Coral and Fort Myers, you can see a big difference in housing prices with Bonita Springs, FL having the higher costs. And higher they are, by approximately $100,000. The higher value, however, doesn’t deter most people as this also brings with it a higher quality of life, better schools and safer streets.

Because of the high quality of life, property value has increased in Bonita Springs, FL over the past 20 years, reaching an appreciation rate of 110.64%. This makes for an annual appreciation rate average of 3.75%. If you only look at the annual rates, the increase doesn’t seem astronomical, but this just goes to show what a steady increase can lead to. With no major shocks to the economy and constant growth. The housing industry is flourishing and it’s highly unlikely that any economical drop would affect it drastically as it might in other areas of Florida or the country. A purchase in this area is considered a smart investment as property prices have a constant but steady growth.

Another sign of a healthy real estate market is the ownership rates for housing. In the city of Bonita Springs, FL approximately 80% of the residents are homeowners, which leaves only 20% as renters. This might come as a surprise when you think of the touristic appeal of the city, but it only means that many residents of this small coastal town invested in a second home, a holiday house for the winter season. Around 60% of the homes have been built between 1970 and 1999, while 35% are from the 2000s with only 5% being older than 1969. The highest majority of homes are single-family detached houses, an astounding 43% and 25% are apartment complexes. There are also around 10% townhomes as well as 14% mobile homes. As mentioned above, the types of housing vary largely in Bonita Springs, FL as well as the prices. 

You can find in Bonita Springs, FL homes for sale for around $100,000 as well as several million dollars. Just figure out your budget and talk to real estate agents in Bonita Springs FL for the best location for you.

Things to do in Bonita Springs

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We could talk for hours about the beautiful white-sand shores of the city of Bonita Springs, FL and still not do them any justice. The best way to truly understand their powerful appeal is by going on a short trip and discovering the top beaches of Bonita Springs. This Gateway to the Gulf of Mexico is abundant of unperturbed nature that is one of the things that sets it apart from other coastal towns. Here you can find sandy shores that are untouched by men’s technological developments, true natural treasures that have been discovered, studied and preserved for the benefit of all nature lovers. Take Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park for example, Dr. Stephen Leatherman, who is better known as Doctor Beach, listed this preserved patch of coastal land in his top 10 U.S. Beaches list wish which actually measures the size of the grains of sand, the slope in the water as well as the currents. The latter is really decisive for Bonita Springs, FL as its shores are protected by the rougher currents because of its location inside the Gulf of Mexico. The waves are measured in inches and the water’s slope is perfect for comfortably bathing in the shallows close to the beach.

Other exciting coastline attractions can be found both on land and in the water. From jet skis to kayaks or parasailing, or from the mysterious Florida Panther to the reptiles of the Everglades Wonder Gardens, the attractions don’t disappoint the visitors or residents. Dining and shopping will only add to the growing list of things to do in Bonita Springs, FL once you have grown restless from the fishing and premier golf courses. Its mellow and laid back atmosphere is ideal for families that want to relax during their holiday or want a safe and friendly environment to raise their children.


Along the shores of Florida, you will always find a new interesting city or small town to grab your attention, but while you’re looking for something in particular, the city of Bonita Springs, FL will heal your restless soul. We mean this quite literally as the city is also the home of a medicinal spring that native Indians believe to heal all ailments. This beautiful city grew as a vacation destination for year-round outdoor living in its warm tropical climate. Boaters, swimmers and golfers alike enjoy the miles upon miles of pristine beaches where they can walk for hours, bike or venture in fishing expeditions. It’s a great place to live for retirees that are looking for a laidback lifestyle with as little worries as possible. Known for its pristine beaches and its status as a top retirement destination, this small town is becoming more and more sought after by new potential residents.

Let us know in the comments section below if there is anything else that interests you about the city of Bonita Springs, Florida. Like & Share this article with friends and family as a location like this should be brought in the spotlight for more appreciation.


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