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If you’re looking for a safe place to live where you can also enjoy the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, then Bonita Springs, FL might just deserve a closer look. This small coastal town doesn’t only benefit from the safety ratings that small towns are usually known for. Bonita Springs, Florida manages to surpass most expectations being a much safer place not only in Florida but the entire United States.

When it comes to looking at reasons why Bonita Springs is a good place to live for your family, safety is not something that will be a concerning factor. The city has higher safety ratings than Florida overall with only 14 crime cases per square mile while the state has an average of 55, but we’ll look at the statistics to get a better view.

In regards to violent crimes

We all want to know that our families will be safe whether they are living in a new and different city or just coming over for a visit. The city of Bonita Springs, FL is not only a good place to live for its quality of life but also for how safe it’s residents feel on a daily basis. With a limited number of violent crimes happening for every 1,000 residents, Bonita Springs attract more families and retirees annually, especially seeing as the city of Bonita Springs is considered a great retirement community. With only 1.38 violent crimes happening on these calm and soothing streets, compared to the states 3.85 for every 1,000 residents it’s easy to see why the residents feel safe.

In regards to property crimes

If the national average when it comes to property crimes is at 24 for every 1,000 residents, while Florida is close behind with 22.82, Bonita Springs manages to leave a wide gap with only 8.94 cases of property crime happening every year. Furthermore, the year to year crimes ratings in the city of Bonita Springs continue to decrease at a 9% rate. This makes this small coastal town safer than 57% of all of the cities in the country. If you want to keep your family as safe as possible you can also get in touch with real estate agents in Bonita Springs FL and they can focus their search on the northern areas of the city as the southern parts are thought to not be the safest.


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