Is Bonita Springs FL A Nice Place To Live?

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If you’re looking for a big bustling city sprinkled with crime and wrangles on the streets then you should look elsewhere for you won’t find any of that in the city of Bonita Springs, Florida. This is a quaint little town with a laidback way of life that doesn’t let its residents worry too much about the more unpleasant parts of life. Life is anything but unpleasant for the residents of this small coastal town and just by walking across those pristine white-sandy shores, it’s easy to see why.

But living in Bonita Springs, Florida isn't sought after only because of the beaches that line up the Gulf of Mexico’s shore or the untouched barrier islands, there are other reasons that draw people in. Most of the aspects that people look into when they’re seeking a nice place to live exceeds all expectations in this city, besides the fact that Bonita Springs is considered ideal for retirees

Living costs in Bonita Springs Florida

When it comes to the cost of living, the city of Bonita Springs, FL does manage to remain at the national average levels if you look at the expenses as a whole. There are some differences between some of the factors taken into account, but they all balance themselves out. In regards to the housing costs, it might come as a surprise to learn that they are higher by 2% than the national average, especially when you see that the state’s average is significantly lower than


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Bonita Springs’. It just goes to show the impact waterfront property has on the median house costs. While difficult to pinpoint exactly how much of the real estate in Bonita Springs is waterfront property, a quick look at the city will make the ponds, canals, small lakes and rivers evident as developers really did make sure to place all their money on the waterfront appeal and the city grew as a result. Its proximity to major cities is also a bonus as in bigger cities there are more opportunities and a commute might be acceptable for young professionals.

The biggest difference in regards to the cost of living is made by the cost of utilities. The median national average is 12% higher than the average cost for utilities in Bonita Springs, FL and this is a direct result of the weather in Florida. But as we talk about the weather, it’s important to point out that Bonita Springs, FL is a high-risk area for hurricanes. This will not only impact your daily life during hurricane season but also your insurance costs depending on the area in which you live.

Family life in Bonita Springs Florida

Another thing that Bonita Springs has going for it is its appeal towards families and retirees. It is considered an oasis for seniors in Florida as well as a great place for families with small children because of its safety ratings and high-quality education. With a rich cultural life, outdoor activities and musicfestivals, the city of Bonita Springs, FL is attracting a large number of retirees every year who also want to enjoy the year-round warm climate. For families, however, as the two most important factors are safety and education, it’s good to take a look at the city’s ratings. The crime statistics show that the city of Bonita Springs is among the safest in the state while also being safer than most cities in America, making the residents feel safe in their close gated communities which are perfect for small children. In regards to education the Lee County School District of which Bonita Springs, FL is part of, has higher test scores than the national average by 14% and also have higher graduation rates than Florida and the national average. Before you decide on the neighborhood in which you want to move, get in touch with real estate agents in Bonita Springs FL and they will ensure to take into account the best schools in the area.


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