What Major City Is Bonita Springs Florida Close To?

Answer for "What major city is Bonita Springs Florida close to?"

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Located in southwest Florida, the city of Bonita Springs is one of the many coastal towns that cover the long stretch of sand in that part of the Sunshine state. Known for its pristine white-sandy beaches and for being a top retirement destination, Bonita Springs is also situated in close proximity to not one, but two major cities. This allows the residents of Bonita Springs, FL to live in their small coastal vacation then, whenever they want, just hop in the car and drive to either of the two major cities. Whether it is for job prospects, entertainment or a more active way of life.

The city of Cape Coral Florida

Known for its canals and waterfront lifestyle, the city of Cape Coral, FL is located only approximately 40 minutes away by car from Bonita Springs. In order to get there from the city of Bonita Springs, FL one must take the S Tamiami Trail also known as the US-41 north, then cross the Caloosahatchee River by Cape Coral Bridge and you reach the downtown of Cape Coral. There you can find the Sun Splash Family Waterpark as well as a yachting community that benefits from the waterfront lifestyle.

The city of Fort Myers Florida

The commercial center of Lee County, Fort Myers, FL is also located on the Caloosahatchee River but on the opposite bank from Cape Coral. Getting there requires that you either follow the US-41 north, all the way into the downtown of the city for 45 minutes, or, for a quicker way, take the I-75 north, then take exit 138 to FL-82, also known as Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard till you reach downtown. This works as an economic hub to Cape Coral’s residential development.

These two cities complete each other and Bonita Spring can benefit from both of them as it is a coastal holiday retreat. If you want to own or rent a home in the smaller town by the shore just contact the local real estate agents in Bonita Springs FL.

Bonita Springs coastline attractions make this small town stand out when compared to the much larger cities nearby and it is why people choose to live here. Bonita Springs low crime ratings, as well as the good quality of life available in Bonita Springs, makes it a perfect holiday destination. Its quiet, comfortable, laidback way of life makes it ideal for retirees and families with small children.


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