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To answer this question, Foley Alabama is quite close to the beach. It doesn’t even really matter to which beach you are referring to because they are all pretty close. Foley, AL has beaches to the south and to the west with plenty of locations to choose from.

Southern Beaches

Towards the Gulf of Mexico, you have the white sandy beaches with warm emerald waters that you can enjoy on beautiful sunny days if you want to take a dip or walk along the shore all year round. There are some gorgeous areas and with being so close to the beach it is literally a 21-minute drive from downtown Foley, AL, give or take. The shore goes 32.5 miles and then some but you’ll be crossing state lines if you go further.

The locations also have some interesting sites along the way. To the far west, you have Fort Morgan, an imposing 19th-century fort that offers exhibits that only adds to the history of the area. There are several complexes that are either for rental or homes for sale. The city of Gulf Shores with its zip lines, golf courses and National Wildlife Refuge. Next, there’s Adventure Island for those looking for a great amusement park in the area as you enter Orange Beach. This is surrounded by Wolf Bay, Bay La Launch, Bayou Saint John and, of course, the Gulf of Mexico.

All across the shore, there are restaurants and attractions where you can stop and either make the whole southern shore a day trip or stop by at local beach houses or hotels and make it a week-long trip.

Western Beaches

If you want to stay by the shore, you’ll have approximately 40 miles to drive by car, mostly by the water. You can start in Daphne as it’s 12 miles away from Foley, AL, and end at Oyster Bay. This drive will take you through the more populated area by the shore with towns like Daphne and Fairhope. The water gets clearer the further you go south but there are plenty of places where you can stop and do the same thing as before. A whole week trip or a day trip, it depends on how active you really like to be because you will find places to see and restaurants to eat at all through the trip.

From Daphne History Museum to the roundhouse of Henry James Stuard from the book The Poet of Tolstoy Park, there are interesting and curious little places where you can find a little piece of history. Stop at local restaurants on your way to the beach and go hiking on a trail or enjoy a national wildlife refuge, even a golf course or two. You don’t have to rush here because the spectacular views won’t let you.

Keep in mind that the beach is a stone’s throw away and there will be plenty of time to go swimming when living by the shore. Foley, AL is a perfect city for those who want to get away from the chaotic city life and just enjoy the simple things that the beauties of Alabama can offer. It’s never too late to get in touch with top real estate agents in Foley AL to ensure you get the best deal.


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