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As a gulf coast town, Foley, AL has been listed towards the end of 2019 as one of the safest cities in Alabama. The state as a whole doesn’t score very high on the safety scale but there are individual communities that are doing whatever they can in order to make sure that their residents can have a peaceful life. They want to ensure their growing population can raise their families in a safe environment.

Coming in at #4, Foley is one of the two cities from Baldwin County that made the top 10 on this list. The other city is coming in at #8 which is Daphne. If you’re thinking of relocating here, we recommend you get in touch with real estate agents in Foley AL to ensure you make the best purchase in the safest community.

So what are these cities capable of doing in order to climb up the scale and reach the top 10? With Foley, AL, a city of about 19,000 residents, the first thing that we can talk about is the number of law enforcement officers available. With a ratio of 5 police officers for every 1,000 residents, the city of Foley, AL managed to make the numbers of violent crimes below Alabama’s average and managed to stay below the national average as well.

When it comes to property crime the numbers aren’t the best, unfortunately. The crimes regarding property are more common here in Foley than in Alabama, but also more common than the national average. There is a higher chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Foley than there is to be assaulted and a victim of a violent crime. While you have a 1 in 390 chance of falling victim to a violent crime here, those violent crimes can be murder, rape, robbery or assault. Property crimes are more frequent because of the fact that it is a vacation destination. This means that people are prone to come and go before the perpetrator is found. This is why there is a 1 in 24 chance of being a victim of property crime here.

There was a decrease in these rates in the last ten years and everyone is trying to get those numbers even lower as the safety of their residents is the main focus of the city of Foley, AL. The beauty of the area can overcome the safety factor as safety is something that each and every one of us can invest in and improve. The sense of community and belonging will also help with accountability in these community and that is where the residents can take an active role.


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