What Is The Cost Of Living In Foley Alabama?

Answer for "What is the cost of living in Foley Alabama?"

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The city of Foley, AL is a town in south Alabama, the last stop before the shore of the Gulf of Mexico and a destination for students during spring break as well as families and retirees. It attracts many people in search of a simpler life, away from the mayhem of the big metropolis. The city of Foley has a wide variety of attractions without being crowded and is 15-20 minutes away from the shore.

If you’re planning on moving there, one thing that can give you an idea of what life is like there is the cost of living. You should be taking a look at income and the bigger factors in regard to expenses. Here we have housing prices, goods and services, utilities and others. 

Considering that in the city of Foley, AL the median household income is $46,000 and the median house price of $180,000, it should give you a good idea of its affordability. The cost of living in Foley, AL is 6% higher than the Alabama average, however, it is 5% lower than the national average. It really depends on where you’re coming from, what your budget is and what exactly you want for your dream home or vacation home.

When compared to other cities nearby that attract residents because of their proximity to the shore and way of life, Foley, AL is cheaper. When it comes to expenses and living costs, Daphne, AL, for example, is more expensive. The biggest difference is in regard to housing which increases the cost of living in Daphne. It is more or less the same when you compare Foley to Fairhope. 

Having a lower price per square foot, even if it’s close to the beach, is what drives so many people to choose Foley, AL. The housing market in Foley, AL is a magnet because of the closeness to the shore and the lower prices. The location is perfect because, while you are near the beach, you’re at a safe distance away from the crowds that can flood the shore in full season.

With predictions of a booming economy in the next few years, Foley, AL will only further develop. A city close to the shore and everything the Gulf of Mexico can offer but that is still a small and simple town, invites people to relocate here if they want to enjoy the simple joys of life. 

So go ahead, get in touch with real estate agents in Foley AL and start looking for your next big step.


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