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Last updated: March 16, 2021 • Lifestyle

The Most Historic Cities in the U.S.

Compared to most other countries, the United States has a relatively short history. Whereas the history of a place like Poland or Romania can be traced back over a thousand years, the U.S. has a past that begins less than four centuries ago. While the record of its past may be short, its lack of length is more than made up for in interesting anecdotes.   

If you’re into the study of history, you probably have a decent understanding of what’s happened in this country’s past, from famous battles to cultural happenings and more. Nevertheless, you might still have so latent curiosity regarding where exactly these events took place. You know what country they occurred in; but what cities acted as the stage?

For some, these historic cities are the perfect place to buy a home. If you’re looking for a place to settle down, why not make one of America’s most historic cities your new home? These places aren’t just resting on their laurels; all of the cities on this list are also excellent places to live and work! 

In this list, you’ll find some of the best places to live in the United States, all of which have extensive histories filled with fascinating anecdotes and spellbinding stories. If you chose to make one of these cities your home, we guarantee you’ll find that they’ve got a lot more to offer than just history and heritage. 

Local history: an underappreciated treasure

old globe on bookshelf background

A lot of people don’t see the value of local history. After all, what’s the point of studying the past? We live in the present. History is just that: history! With a bit of research, however, it’s plain to see that the past influences the present quite profoundly. By studying local history, you can find out about the local culture, customs, and much, much more. 

What’s more, studying local history can also be a great pastime. Most midsize or large towns often have history museums that can divulge large amounts of information about the past of their city, providing you with hours or days of educational entertainment that simply cannot be passed upon. Let’s look at some great historic cities in the U.S. that also make great homes! 

Washington D.C.

washington dc usa

This one might seem like a cop-out, but trust us; it’s anything but that! This might be one of America’s most well known historic cities, but we think there’s more to this city than you might even know! With dozens of museums and historic sites to explore, there’s so much history in this city you’d be forgiven for not knowing about half of it! 

The historic city of Washington D.C. began its journey as a humble town in a mire, with dirt roads and clapboard buildings. This all changed when it was chosen as the new site of the U.S. capital. Within a few years, the town was bustling with all the activity that accompanies such a capacity. With time, this would become one of the most ubiquitous U.S. cities, and undoubtedly the most politically influential. 

Over the years, Washington D.C. has endured trials and turmoil, from being sacked by the British during the war of 1812 to being torn apart by political strife and scandal. Through every tribulation, Washington has emerged unscathed, bearing scars of conflict that serve as a reminder of its indomitable nature. 

Today, the city of Washington D.C. remains an immensely important political and cultural landmark, with dozens of world famous museums, monuments, and historical buildings. Moreover, it’s also a great place to live, with a bustling populace, a thriving job market, and many more salient advantages that accompany residence. 

If you’re interested in making this beautiful historic city your home, you’ll want to get in touch with one of the top real estate agents in Washington D.C. These skilled, experienced real estate professionals will have you in a home that suits your needs, at the best price possible. Whether you’re renting or buying, we’re sure you’ll love living in Washington D.C.

Knoxville TN

knoxville tn downtown usa

Nestled in the foothills of the great Appalachian mountain range, Knoxville is a cultured city with a heart as sturdy as oak. Originally settled by hearty Scotsmen looking to escape the oppressive grasp of the British crown, Knoxville has a fiery spirit of independence that has defied control from its beginnings to this very day.

With its roots in such unconquerable defiance, Knoxville embodies that fiery Appalachian than perhaps any other city in Tennessee. The populace is lively and friendly, with a warm, welcoming attitude only rivaled by their fierce independence. The streets of the cities are lined with beautiful feats of southern architecture, making the simple act of walking from one place to another a delightful experience. 

The illustrious past of this place can be explored in greater detail at the local history museum, housed on the grounds of the Knoxville campus of the University of Tennessee. This museum is home to a wide variety of exhibits that showcase the rich and unique past of Knoxville, from early settlement relics to American-Indian artifacts. 

As for the city of Knoxville, it’s a delightful place regardless of its history and makes a wonderful place to settle down and call home. The job market is thriving, the median income is high and the median home price is surprisingly affordable, making it a great place to buy or rent a property of your own. 

If you are interested in pursuing this goal, you’ll want to get in touch with the local realtors in Knoxville TN. These professional realtors are exceptionally skilled in facilitating the buying and selling of real estate and know the area better than just about anyone else. They’re also likely to be knowledgeable about local history, so you can count on them for some fascinating insights regarding local history. 

St. Augustine FL

st.augustine florida usa downtown

For this next one, we’re going to be taking a journey to the sunny shores of the surprisingly historic state of Florida. While it wasn’t one of the first states to join the Union, Florida actually holds claim to the honor of being the site of the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States: the beautiful city of St. Augustine

First established as a garrison for Spanish troops, St. Augustine gradually grew into a balmy, beautiful coastal city that would ultimately become one of the most highly esteemed vacation destinations in the state. With sparklingly immaculate beaches and crystalline blue waters, there’s an innate quality to this city that is unlike any other. 

While today it’s a gorgeous vacation destination, the early years of this city were far from peaceful. At its peak, Spain was one of, if not the most powerful colonial empire, and it obtained this power using cruel and nefarious methods. The colonizers relied on a system upheld by slavery, cruelty, and harsh subjugation of native populations, taking advantage of existing monarchic hierarchies to install themselves as absolute rulers. 

In the centralized agrarian monarchies of central and south America, this worked relatively well, despite the grave ethical and moral problems of such a system. The individualistic and relatively isolated tribal structures of North American native peoples, however, were not so susceptible to this method of domination. Conflicts between colonial garrisons and Native American communities in St. Augustine were fierce and bloody, leaving a history of tragedy and hardship in their wake. 

Despite its tumultuous history, St. Augustine is a great place to live in the current day, and its history makes for excellent academic study. If you want to make this culturally and historically rich city your home, get in touch with one of the real estate agents in St. Augustine FL. With their help, you could be moved into a new home in no time! 

San Francisco CA

san francisco skyline and view of bay bridge

You’ve probably heard of San Francisco; if you haven’t heard about it, you’ve most definitely seen photos of it. From its iconic streetcars and its steeply inclined streets to the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, SF might have the most iconic American imagery per capita among any of the cities in the United States. 

In the case of San Francisco, what started as a humble Spanish mission quickly grew into one of the most populous cities in California when gold was discovered in the state circa 1849. With this discovery, tens of thousands of fortune seekers flocked to San Francisco in search of gold, pans and brushes clutched tightly in hand. 

After the influx of miners and laborers died down, San Francisco gradually became a cultural center that attracted artists, writers, philosophers, and other cultural visionaries. With the arrival of these cultural trailblazers, the city took on a unique and charmingly warm atmosphere and culture, quickly becoming one of the standout cities in the United States. 

Today, SF is one of the most attractive cities in the country. With its charming cityscapes, wealth of attractions, salient amenities, and abundant opportunities for free education, it’s a favored destination among home buyers and renters alike. While its median home price is substantially higher than the U.S. average, it’s abundantly clear that it’s a great place to live. 

If you want to make this delightful city your home, you’ll need to give one of the top real estate agents in San Francisco CA a call. With the help of these professional, experienced realtors, you’ll have no trouble finding a home that suits your needs, in as timely a manner as possible. While it may cost you more than you expected to pay, you won’t regret your purchase! 


With all this said, there’s little question in our minds that local history is not just an important thing to consider when choosing a new home; it’s one of the most important. Whether that is due to the hand it plays in finding attractions on which to spend your time or other factors such as population, crime rates or cultural scene is up to you! 
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