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Last updated: January 16, 2019 • Home Improvement

Three Steps to Improving Curb Appeal  

In most instances, the very first impression people have of your home is from the street. Whether you live in a neighborhood with a killer HOA or are trying to get your home ready for sale, improving curb appeal is a priority. Taking the time to spruce up your home’s exterior increases the chances of a sale, and ensures that the neighbors won’t be calling to complain.

From the Ground Up

Start with the yard itself. Are there depressions or hills that make the lawn unsightly? Leveling a yard not only improves its looks, but provides better drainage away from your home’s foundation.

Is the grass sparse, or made up of different varieties? Decide if you need to re-sod, or to seed empty or brown spots. If not, mow the grass several times, with 4-5 days in between, gradually lowering the blade. Water on the days off to encourage new growth.

Edge and weed-whack carefully around trees, decks, walkways, and flower beds. If it’s fall, rake pine needles and leaves and use them as natural, attractive mulch. Trim hedges, prune trees, and weed flowerbeds. You may want to plant some new flowers or shrubs to fill in empty looking spots and add color.

From the Roof Down

Check your roof and have it repaired or replaced if needed. Fix any damaged or rotted flashing, and repair, replace, or repaint gutters after cleaning. The entire house may need a coat of paint; if not, a power washing of siding and any visible concrete is a must.

The porch if any exists, can also be spruced up. Paint porch steps, railings, and banisters, and make the trim and any shutters match in color for a coordinated look. Replace any damaged, non-operative, or rusted hardware (external light fixtures, door handles, or house numbers).

Make sure the mailbox is up to date and attractive, and that the address is clear and easily read. Check the house number on the curb, and refresh is as well if needed. Add lighting along the sidewalk, and repaint the garage door if necessary.


You can easily stage the front porch or stoop with large planters filled with large leafed, brightly flowering plants. Hanging baskets look great above a porch railing, and trailing ivy can be grown on lattices leaned up against the house. Hang an attractive wreath on the front door, and make sure the doorbell is in working order. Add wicker furniture or a rocking chair if there is room.

Updating the exterior of your house can increase its value and give you a sense of pride. When your house’s curb appeal is at its peak, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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