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Named after the city in England, there’s undoubtedly a lot of charm to Bristol, RI, especially if you are a New England fan. Real estate agents in Bristol RI, say there is something so lovely about the old-fashionedness of this place that it will make you feel at home in no time.Famous for its rich history and oldest Independence Day celebrations, this town attracts many people to its extraordinary summer festivities. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a place to live, and finding a town that fits your personality could seem very hard. But you don’t have to face this alone, as realtors in Bristol RI, are here to help you out. Let’s jump into discovering what they have to say about “America’s most patriotic town”!

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Independence day celebration in Bristol, Rhode Island

Local real estate agents in Bristol RI, will have a lot to tell you about when it comes to the heritage of National Day celebrations in this town. Bristol is home to the oldest continuously held Independence Day celebration in the United States, dating back to 1777. The official Patriotic Exercises held annually were established in 1785 by Rev. Henry Wight and are organized today by the Bristol Fourth of July Committee. The Bristol community is very active when it comes to partying, so the parade is a must-see! Celebrations start on the 14th of June, Flag Day, with outdoor concerts and a firefighter’s muster, and climax with the 4th of July parade, which attracts 200,000 people to town. Feel free to ask our realtors in Bristol RI, about all the festivities and celebrations that take place in the summer. 

Sadly, life can’t be only about parties and festivities, can it? So putting all the celebrations aside, let’s check out the attractive features of everyday life too! 

Bristol as home

Real estate agents in Bristol RI, would absolutely consent that this peaceful coastal town with solid traditions has many opportunities to offer its inhabitants. Its total population of 22,226 people makes this town a cozy and friendly place for families. Most people own their homes here, and the town offers them the day-to-day experience of suburban charm.

There’s a strong local community spirit, and people are generally known to be kind and helpful. 

According to realtors in Bristol RI, there's a strong New England feel here, so if that’s your cup of tea, you will be mesmerized by it!

Demographics and economy of Bristol, Rhode Island

According to the United States Census Bureau’s 2021 estimates, Bristol, RI, has 22,226 inhabitants, making it the 18th most populated city in Rhode Island. The largest racial-ethnic group is white (91.0%), followed by Hispanic (2.9%) and Asian (2.0%).

Bristol has an unemployment rate slightly below the US average, and there’s also been a slight increase in the job market in the last year. Future job growth is estimated at 31.0%.

Tax rates can make a big difference when calculating your costs of living. 

You should take note that Bristol, RI, has a sales tax rate of 7.0% compared to the US average of 7.3%, and the income tax rate for Bristol, RI, is 3.8% compared to the US average of 4.6%.

The average income of a Bristol resident is $31,280 a year, and the median household income is $60,988, both ranking slightly above the US average.

Bristol might surprise you with its varied economy. The major industry sectors are education, healthcare, marine trades, composites, construction, retail, tourism, and hospitality. The fastest growing one of all of them is healthcare.

Housing opportunities in Bristol RI

If you are unsure about a more serious commitment, a rental in Bristol RI could be the choice for you. Realtors in Bristol RI, will keep you up-to-date with all the information you need on rent. Median rental in Bristol RI, is estimated at around $800-$1000. If you are considering purchasing, the median home cost is $408,000. Feel free to contact local real estate agents in Bristol RI, for the most accurate information on buying a home in Bristol. If you are preparing for a change, top real estate agents in Bristol RI can provide you with all the valuable information on selling a home in this marvelous city.

Schools in Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol has a very high percentage of educated people. 86% of people 25+years old are high school graduates or higher, and 40% of the population owns a bachelor's degree. According to local real estate agents in Bristol RI, the explanation for this is access to good schools in the area. To mention a few public schools, there’s Rockwell School, with an A- rating, ranking among the 30 best elementary schools in Rhode Island. Highlander Charter Middle and High School or Mt Hope High School both of them have above-average rankings. 

For higher education, you can also discover colleges with good rankings within a one-hour-long drive. Roger Williams University, for example, is a famous private university located in town. It enrolls over 5,000 students and has a 480-person academic staff.  Local realtors in Bristol RI can catch you up with extra information on schooling opportunities in the area. 

Leisure time activities in Bristol RI

Sailing tradition

This sympathetic little coastal town ranks among the best small towns in the States for many reasons. And one of those reasons is its solid nautical heritage, which makes it an interesting spot for sailing fans. The Herreshoff Marine Museum is one of its main attractions, as it is home to America’s Cup Hall of Fame. If you’re a yachting enthusiast, this is something you should definitely check out.

The town is surrounded by the ocean, making it possible to pursue all kinds of water-related activities. It has a nice beach, an excellent spot for young and old families alike.

Outdoor fun

Many like living in Bristol RI, because it is generally regarded as a quaint, homely town. To add to that, it is also walkable, making it easy to get to places. Local realtors in Bristol RI agree that this town is gifted with all the amenities for outdoor activities. Colt State Park is a huge, 464-acre public open space. The park is packed with trails for hikers, joggers, bicyclers, and equestrians, it has a skate park and facilities for picnicking, boating, and fishing. 

The park is a stop on the famous East Bay Bike Path, a 14.5-mile (23.3 km) paved rail trail.

The beautiful water view is a nice thing to consider when buying a home in Bristol RI.

The water stays close to you at all times in this town, so If you are someone, who loves the ocean, this place will be perfect for you. Don’t be shy to ask our real estate agents in Bristol RI, about the availability of waterfront properties.

Being a town with rich history, there’s a long list of places to check out. The Bristol Ferry Lighthouse, Jumper Hill Cemetery, or the Linden Place mansion are just a few of those you can take a walk to. 

Restaurants, shops, and bars

The town has a beautiful downtown, Bristol Waterfront Historic District is definitely worth taking a walk in. Bristol is full of nice locally-owned shops, not to mention the amazing seafood shops.

You will probably hear from the top-ranked realtors in Bristol RI, too, that this town has incredible eats to offer.


So, if you think this town is as homely and welcoming as we think it is, contact one of our local real estate agents in Bristol RI, and start exploring more in detail about the town that could possibly be your new home!

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