Individual Retirement Account Plus (ira Plus)

Definition of "Individual retirement account plus (ira plus)"

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Proposal, endorsed by then-President Bush and Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady, which expands in a significant manner the number of individuals who could take advantage of the effect of tax-deferred compounding of savings for retirement. The plan would be available to everyone since there are no income caps, to include employees who are covered under an employer's qualified pension plan. A spouse without an earned income could also establish such an account. Contributions to this account would be made with after-tax dollars. All principal would compound on a tax-free basis, so that no taxes would be due upon distribution. As the plan is currently designed, a participant could withdraw without penalty up to 25% of his or her account to purchase a first home, to meet catastrophic medical bills, or to pay for college expenses. Contrast with individual retirement account (IRA).


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