Voluntary Deferral Plan

Definition of "Voluntary deferral plan"

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Vehicle for the deferring of unneeded current income for a later date, such as retirement, providing the following benefits: There is no tax on earnings of the plan until distributed; Employee is able to defer compensation in excess of the amount subject to the limitations of qualified plans since the voluntary plan is a non qualified plan; The amount the employee defers can be matched by the employer; The employer and employee have flexibility in designing BENEFITS and VESTING requirements; The employer can select employees to participate in the plan since it is a non qualified plan and does not have to comply with the antidiscrimination provisions of qualified plans found under the EMPLOYMENT RETIREMENT INCOME SECURITY ACT (ERISA); Life insurance can be used as the funding instrument and, as such,the employer can receive the death benefit, thereby recovering its matching contribution to the plan.

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