Definition of "Cooperative"

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A corporation that owns housing units and whose tenants purchase shares in the corporation equivalent to the value of their housing unit. Also called co-ops.


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Comments for Cooperative

Tyler Bassett Tyler Bassett said:

Do you work with Mortgage lenders? Unless I'm missing something, I only see that you offer information on mortgage terms etc?

Nov 20, 2018  10:47:58

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Tyler!
Thanks for reaching out.
The OFFICIAL Real Estate Agent Directory® works only with Real Estate Agents but we have information on mortgage terms because a lot of home buyers have real estate questions regarding mortgage terms so we provide this database of terms to help them out. But we work with no mortgage lenders. If you need to contact one, you can try to reach out to one of our real estate agents in Herdon VA and see if they can direct you to one.

Good luck!

Nov 20, 2018  17:30:35

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