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The definition of adjoining properties describes two or more real estate properties, lots, or parcels that shared a boundary. A property that shares a common border with another is contiguous or touching the other; they are connected or share a border. The meaning of the term adjoining properties refers to two or more properties that share a common boundary. This boundary can be a fence owned by both adjoining owners, a wall that is part of two houses, and the two owners share these. The two adjoining properties are “joined” through an element that can be either a wall or a fence that both properties share legal rights to.

How do adjoining properties work with abutter’s rights?

The legal definition of adjoining properties expresses how the two properties have a legal claim over a shared boundary. Because of this legal claim, the two adjoining owners have to respect the shared property and the boundary it represents so that it would not affect the other owner’s legal rights. In many cases, adjoining owners of adjoining properties have to respect the Abutter’s rights and not infringe on them as that can lead to legal disputes. 

How do adjoining properties work with the right of way?

The term adjoining properties is also used when talking about parcels of land that share a boundary or touch along a boundary. Parcels that are adjoining properties can create a scenario in which adjoining owners may require a right of way easement if one of the properties do not have direct access to a road. In case two adjoining properties stretch along a road, and a third property that adjoins the other two along the opposite side from the road, the third adjoining property needs access to the road somehow. This will lead to a requirement of the two other adjoining owners to grant the third-parcel owner a right of way through a portion of their shared boundary. The third adjoining owner will then use this for transit, and like this, he will not be trespassing the other two owners’ properties.


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Comments for Adjoining Property

Zane  Pitt Zane Pitt said:

Would a house on the other side of the road be adjoining property?

Sep 30, 2019  22:56:58

Real Estate Agent

Hi, Zane! Thank you for reaching out to us. A house on the other side of the road is not considered "adjoining property". However, the road, which is usually a public property or a public good, is "adjoining" or really next to the house. You may also want to find the definition of abutting. These two are quite similar.  

Oct 01, 2019  17:32:50
Anette Reyes Anette Reyes said:

does an adjoining property has separate title or one title only? Thanks

Mar 28, 2019  02:48:33

Real Estate Agent

An adjoining property belongs to someone (individual, LLC, local government) so it has a separate title. If your house or land is bordering two or more properties, then each property will be registered on a different deed

Apr 02, 2019  05:49:56
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