Definition of "Pier"

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  1. A column designed to support a concentrated load. A pier column is made out of steel, steel reinforced concrete or wood.
  2. A structure extending out into the water supported by numerous columns providing access to water or vessels.

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Comments for Pier

Bob Johnson Bob Johnson said:

Is a pier or boat lift considered real estate and part of a property when it goes up for sale?

Jan 06, 2021  13:01:48

Real Estate Agent

Hey Bob! If the pier is attached to the waterfront property, it is part of it, and it sells together with the home. There are certain rights and regulations that restrict the owner’s ability to use the body of water or construct docks. Riparian rights and Littoral rights are two of the most important. However, if the property has a dock, the owner already has these rights; otherwise, the dock construction would be illegal.

Jan 11, 2021  13:01:42

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