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Wondering what is a quitclaim deed?

Well, the best quitclaim deed definition is something like a legal document used when someone is transferring a real estate property to another person. A formal document through which the current homeowner – referred in the document as Grantor - quits any rights to the property in favor of a recipient – referred in the document as Grantee. It denies a claim to a certain property, ceding anything reminiscing to the new owner. Quitclaim deeds are often used to clear problems with a property title or as part of a divorce settlement.

Need a quitclaim example? There should be several adaptations so that the model applies to your specific case, so you should definitely contact a real estate agent, but anyways, a very basic quitclaim example could be something like what follows:

“This quitclaim deed is made on _Month, Date, Year_, between __name of the grantor__, the Grantor, residing at _full address, City of _____, State of_____ and _name of the grantee_, Grantee, residing at_full adress_, City of_____, State of______.

In consideration of _$amount of dollars_ paid by _whatever the deed concerns_, the grantor hereby quitclaims and transfers the following described real estate to the Grantee to have and hold forever, the described real estate located at _full adress_, City of _____, State of_____:


____________________________ (Signature of Grantor)

______________________( Printed name of Grantor)

State of__________________ County of ____________

On_Month,Date, Year_,  _name of the grantor_ personally came before me and, being duly sworn, did state that he/she is the person described in the above document and that he/she signed the above document in my presence.

___________________ (Notary Signature)

Notary Public, for the county of ________ State of _____________

My Commission expires:___________"


As you can see, the grantor is the one who records the quitclaim deed on the county records.


Real Estate Advice:

Contact a real estate lawyer so no loophole is left open and the whole process is done correctly!

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