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The city of Plano has seen an unprecedented amount of growth in the past several years. With jobs easily available and a cost of living lower than the Houston Astros’ standards when it comes to choosing players, it's easy to see why! However, if you’re thinking of moving to this town, you may be wondering what exactly is drawing all these new residents to Plano


In a word, you’re wondering what Plano Texas is known for! After all, cities don’t come alive overnight like this if there isn’t something special about them, right? We’re glad you asked this question! The city of Plano Texas is known for many things, and all of them are good. Let’s take a look at a few of these things, shall we? 


Facts about Plano Texas


The city of Plano Texas has a lot of things going for it. As far back as the early 20th century, Plano established itself as a progressive, forward-moving city with its installation of accessible and convenient public transportation in the form of a light rail system. This light rail system is no longer functional, although at the Interurban Railway Museum you can see an authentic streetcar that perused the network. Nevertheless, the city hasn’t stopped moving forward since! 


Today Plano is known for its modern, trendy feel and warm, upbeat atmosphere. The city has great job availability and a low cost of living, along with an impressive list of things to see and do. It’s also one of the safest cities in Texas, with crime rates well below the state average. With all these things going for it, it’s easy to see why the city has experienced such tremendous growth in the past several years! 


If you are interested in moving to this prosperous mid-sized Texas town, why not contact one of the top real estate agents in Plano TX? These professional real estate agents will deftly find the best listing for you, and do all in their power to make sure you get settled in comfortably. Now go enjoy Plano; the city doesn’t wait for anyone! 


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