How To Get Into Investment Properties?

Definition of "How to get into investment properties?"

Undoubtedly, many try their luck at investing in real estate. However, we should tell you upfront that the market is oversaturated (mainly in major US cities) and challenging to keep up with. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced real estate investor, here is some essential information, as well as tips and tricks on how to get into investment properties.

Before buying your starter properties for investment, you must know our predictions for the real estate market in 2023. Suppose you have already purchased your first home. And now you wish to join the rental game as a profitable side hustle. At first, you’ll most likely want to apply for a loan at your bank or another lending institution.

What should you use an investment property for?

The formula is simple. You buy a cheap second property (or third, and so on) and sell it for a higher price than you originally bought it. In the meantime, you pump some capital into its renovation and facelift, hoping for the best outcome. Although the process seems effortless and a sure money-maker, house flipping is complex and has numerous potential pitfalls.

You can also turn your second home into a lucrative rental unit. You can choose between investing in short-term rentals, like Airbnb, vacation cabins, or romantic getaways. Or, you can use your property as a long-term term residential investment. You should also investigate which cities have the highest vs. lowest rents in the US. In either case, you’ll assume a landlord’s responsibility to manage the place.

What must you know before buying a rental property as an investment?

To get a favorable interest rate on your mortgage, we advise building your creditworthiness and improving your overall credit score as much as possible! The interest rates on loans to buy a house are high, and those on investment properties are even higher. Under such circumstances, prepare to pay a 6.75 to 7 percent conventional fixed-interest rate on your first investment property for 30 years. 

Secondly, the bank will require specific equity from you, a valuable asset, to back your loan. Additionally, closing costs for investment property loans can go higher than primary-residence mortgages.

Where should you start looking for investment properties?

On a smaller scale, we recommend contacting specific experienced local real estate agents trained in tracking down investment prospects in your area. You can also browse the multiple listing service where agents regularly upload properties for sale. 

Thirdly, you can do personal research on-site (in your neighborhood) or even on the best social media platforms. You can discover a vacant building, an empty or deserted home, whose owner doesn’t want to do anything with their unkempt property. Besides, an abandoned house or apartment can be a pain, especially if the owner doesn’t even live there and hasn’t kept up with the mortgage payment. And the monthly bills keep on coming. Next, you must find out who owns the property. Once you find out that info,contact them because they might be willing to cut a deal. 

On the other hand, the Internet and social media provide countless opportunities for real estate-related topics and brand-new listings. We suggest joining online groups and forums where you can obtain topical news on the real estate market you’re interested in.

How to see the potential in hidden gems? Locating the future’s best investment properties

The US market faces a housing shortage. So, the chances are you won’t be able to find a cheap investment property in a major city that you can later flip or rent out. In such a situation, we recommend focusing on lesser-known cities or smaller charming US towns with great economic potential. These can become the subsequent hit in terms of long-term residential real estate investments. For example, land prices skyrocketed in Orlando, Florida, after Walt Disney bought the lot that we nowadays call Disney World.


Investing in real estate can go sideways in countless ways. Property prices are subject to unpredictable change, so you may actually lose money on house flipping. Managing Airbnb, short- and long-term rentals require a cash infusion, time, and energy on your behalf before they bring you money. 

The FED and your local bank can also raise the interest rate, making things worse for you. All in all, before jumping on this ship, we recommend you consult professionals, such as expert local realtors, real estate attorneys, and reliable lending institutions.

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