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Alexandria, Virginia is part of the Washington, Arlington, Alexandria metropolitan area and with a population of about 150,000 people, this city is a historical site with plenty of fun things to do. When it comes to settling down in a place, there are multiple factors that come into play. Some of them are affordability, commutes, and quality of schools in the area but a factor that might be overlooked sometimes is safety. Buying a home without asking for advice from one of the best real estate agents in Alexandria VA, could end up with you settling in a bad neighborhood that is not safe.

Looking at how safe a city is, makes sense and it is important in order to have a good quality of life and not worry about the safety of your life, your family's life or the safety of your property. Relocating to a city such as Alexandria raises the question, is Alexandria, Va a safe place to live in?

Alexandria, VA comes with some of the best safety scores and in 2018 it was ranked the second safest city in the USA. In order to do these rankings, several factors are taken into account. Aspects such as violent and property crime rates, traffic deaths, workers that commute alone and the percentage of residents who excessively drink are taken into consideration.

Living in Alexandria, VA is a desire for many people and with high property values and a median household income of about $93,000, Alexandria attracts a lot of wealthy people to the area and plenty of tourists. Since the city attracts highly educated people and well-paid employees this also makes the city better in terms of safety.

Alexandria has one of the lowest traffic death rates and the city ranks high for having low violent and property crimes. The crime index shows that the city of Alexandria is safer than 36% of the U.S. cities and the chances to become a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 615. Also, the chances to become a victim of a property crime are 1 in 65.

Poverty rates here are not the lowest and they stand at around 10.5% which also makes residents more susceptible to theft rather than victims of violent crimes or murders. So make sure you keep your valuable items out of sight and don't carry with you valuable objects that attract the attention of thieves.

Overall the city of Alexandria is a very safe place to be in, but does that make Alexandria a good place to live in? Judging only from a safety perspective we can definitely say that it is a good place to be in and with people commuting to work every day and tourists visiting the area very often you should have little to no safety issues in the area. The high quality of life and top-rated schools make Alexandria a family-friendly city with activities and amenities for everyone.


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