Is BAY SAINT LOUIS, MS, A Good Place To Retire?

Definition of "Is BAY SAINT LOUIS, MS, a Good Place To Retire?"

Wouldn’t you spend your retirement years in an utterly charming environment, enjoying the company of a friendly community? Gone will be the modern-day stress characteristic of busy and crowded cities! So, look no further! Choose the tiny but lovely town of Bay St Louis MS (population slightly short of 10,000 in 2023) at the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s western edge in Hancock County!

Local realtors in Bay Saint Louis will reveal a world of chill and fun!

Why should you pick this place, you might ask. Bay Saint Louis features irresistible perks catering professionally to the needs of retirees. Right off the bat, the Bay St Louis real estate market offers affordable housing options tailored to your budget. Then, you’ll discover numerous open-air and indoor recreational facilities that satisfy your appetite for entertainment, culture, and arts. Leave your troubles behind and find top-notch pastime activities, fun, and recreation in this lovable and supportive community!

Suppose moving to Bay Saint Louis Mississippi intrigues you. Plus, you wish to live your life to the fullest. In that case, reaching out to me would be the best course of action! I am your expert, reliable, and customer-friendly local real estate agent in Bay St Louis MS. I am keen to address all your inquiries on housing, economy, and must-see places in this corner of the world.

Affordable homes? Bay St Louis Mississippi delivers big time!

Numerous retirees from all over the States ask me whether they can afford a home in our cherished and idyllic sanctuary. The answer is always the same. Home prices in Bay Saint Louis MS might sound slightly more expensive than the Magnolia State average (which they are by about forty percent). Yet, the real estate market isn’t that competitive. In other words, the supply of homes moderately exceeds the demand, which lays the ground for price negotiations. Thus, you have a real chance to buy a reasonably-priced home in Bay St Louis.

Still, you must know that the median property price in Bay Saint Louis has gone up by about 25 percent since 2022. In the first quarter of 2023, the median homes for sale in Bay St Louis cost about $392,000. At the same time, rentals in Bay Saint Louis cost four percent more than the Mississippi average. However, don’t let prices scare you! Instead, contact me at your earliest convenience to cut a deal that is hard to resist!

What are the economic benefits of moving to Bay Saint Louis Mississippi? 

Everyone is worried about whether their retirement funds will cover the expenses in the most beautiful years of their lives. You won’t feel that headache once you have moved to Bay St Louis! The cost of living is approximately eighteen percent more affordable than the US average! This translates to cheaper groceries, utilities, and transportation costs. However, healthcare expenses are similar to the American median. 

Amazing places to visit in Bay Saint Louis Mississippi

As you’d expect, Bay Saint Louis isn’t short of fantastic places to visit. First, I suggest you stop and enjoy a picnic at Bay St. Louis Beach. Nothing compares to that breathtaking view!  

I recommend seeing the Mardi Gras Museum exhibit, a colorful collection of costumes. Secondly, Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum and Gallery 220 will get a big bang for your buck, especially if you call yourself a culture and art lover! Are you looking for an energetic live stage performance? The Bay St. Louis Bay Theatre will deliver the chills and thrills!

After the theatre, take advantage of the renowned Sycamore House, probably the number-one restaurant and winery in town. Or, if you want to enjoy excellent jazz and make new friends, pick 100 Men Hall as your top destination! 

The Jimmy Rutherford Fishing Pier is highly embraced by the local fishing community. So why don’t you try your luck at catching some magnificent red strappers and trout?  

Final thoughts

It’s a well-known fact that residents and newcomers share the same positive sentiment about this fabulous and endearing place. Bay St Louis achieved an exceptional 77/100 on the livability score. You can’t go wrong moving here if you appreciate low crime rates, a social community, affordable housing, and a low cost of living.? Bay St Louis has also found its unique voice in its cuisine at locally-owned eateries and trendy pubs. Additionally, you can always eat fresh because the Bay St Louis Farmers Market provides top-quality produce.

In only a few days, you’ll quickly realize that life in Bay Saint Louis is a blessing. Give yourself the present of moving to Bay St Louis for your retirement years, and you won’t regret it!

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